Another Huge AG Sale!

American Girl has another huge sale! With 16 pages of items, almost all of Isabelle’s collection is on sale. Even her studio was on sale, but it’s sold out now. Tutu’s on sale, and Isabelle’s dance barre, that was “sold out” earlier last year. Her mix and match collection are there too!

Click here to see all of the items!

– American Girl Doll Artist :)

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2 comments on “Another Huge AG Sale!

  1. Thanks so much for the update! I ordered quite a few outfits including: Isabelle’s Metallic dress, Isabelle’s Performance set, Isabelle’s wrap sweater, Isabelle’s pajamas, The Sparkly Camp Outfit, and The Easy Breezy outfit. I know it’s a lot, please don’t say I’m spoiled I paid for it with money I’d saved up.