Huge GOTY Sale

American Girl has put the Isabelle DOLLS on sale! Who would have guessed that? Isabelle doesn’t seem to be that popular this year. Maybe they are trying to get rid of all of the extra dolls.

They sure don’t have lots extras of her clothes! Some of her outfits are backordered until December 30th.

Isabelle’s Dance Case and Dance Barre are also on sale. Phooey, I just got the Dance Case, and this time there’s a better price. Oh well, at least I got free shipping on my order!

Isabelle’s Dance Case: $27

Isabelle’s Dance Barre: $40

Isabelle’s Sparkle Collection: $100 (Pink mix and match pieces with Isabelle doll)

Isabelle and Pet Collection: $68 (Isabelle + Tutu + Isabelle’s Accessories) This is the best deal.

Isabelle’s Dance Collection: $100 (Purple mix and match pieces with Isabelle doll)

Isabelle and Metallic Dress Collection: $92

All I can say is…


I know American girl has had random sales in the past, but this??

At the end of the year, that’s the best time to buy GOTY items! That’s also when they have tons of sales!

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– American Girl Doll Artist


8 comments on “Huge GOTY Sale

  1. Oh i really wish I could buy her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am shocked and do you know how long it will last? THey are having TOns of great sales this season and it is driving me crazy>)

  2. Sadly no. I always end up wanting to buy the goty at the end of the year and beginning. Ugh….oh well.