Hello all! :D

Two weeks ago my family went to AGP Kansas City to celebrate Juliefan’s birthday!

Juliefan was planning on purchasing Maryellen with her birthday money at the store, but my mom and dad surprised her with the doll before we went. She was so excited, and plays with her a TON. So if you see photos on Instagram of a Maryellen doll, you’ll know where she came from. XD

Anyway, I took the camera (and Jamie) and snapped a few photos while we were there. :)


Going in!


Let’s just say Jamie was not impressed with Gabriela. I made her a little name tag that said “Hello, my name is Jamie,” that I stuck to her shirt. I think she looks pretty cute.


NewΒ 2 piece swimsuit and beach accessories.


V neck pink hoodie! Catlover02 purchased this while we were there. Now that I see it, I really wish I had picked it up. ;)


While AG’s big end of the year sale had ended, they still had several “wrapped” winter outfits on sale!! I got the Merry Magenta outfit for $23! I was pretty excited! They also had the White Ballgown Store Exclusive, and Enchanting Winter Outfit. They were 40%. :)


The new daybed set up. :)


New hot air balloon pjs! :D


Gabriela’s new pjs! I really love her kitten size.. it’s pretty accurate. The face is still a little scared-looking, but the size.. *dies*


Amaya went for a little ride.. XD


Gabriela’s main display! :D


Gabriela’s dance case and Sparkling Sequins outfit.


Amaya also made a new friend! :D


Some of the new mix and match pieces! Juliefan ended up picking the pink skirt, and our mom bought the adventure tank and boho shorts for Darica. :D


The Truly Me display. Don’t all the simple boxes make it seem peaceful? *sighs happily*

One of the strange things was, at the store, the main wall usually used for the GOTY display was filled with Truly Me dolls and accessories. I’m guessing they’re saving it for Tenney Grant next month. ;)

Those are all the photos I took! The two things I purchased at AG were the Merry Magenta Dress, and the Slow Cooker Set. I’ve always wanted the adorable food set, and since I knew it was probably going to retire soon, I’d better snatch it up. It has tons of adorable pieces, I’ll probably do a review on it sometime in the near future. I actually almost purchased Rebecca, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to yet, so I didn’t.

We also went to Hot Topic, where Catlover02 and I bought some Star Wars pops. I got Sabine, and Catlover02 bought Hera, Ezra, and BB-8 that was supposed to be exclusive to one of the big Comic-cons!! She was really excited. :) I also got a surprise Pusheen plush that ended up being the one I wanted – Pusheen holding a cookie! XD

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the photos and hearing about our trip! :)

– American Girl Doll Artist

I might be making a custom doll… ;)

P.S. Please tell me I’m not the only one stoked for Saturday – STAR WARS REBELS. SABINE. KANAN. THE DARKSABER. *dies* *fangirls*

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55 comments on “January 2017 Trip to the AG Store!

  1. That looks like so much fun, Hersey! (Is Hersey reserved for Jaclynn and Emma or am I allowed to call you that too? ;) Either way is fine. :D )
    Congrats on getting the slow cooker set! I got it for Christmas 2015 and I love it. :) And I don’t watch Rebels but I probably should, haha. XD
    Great post!
    ~Grace <3

  2. REBELS!!!!!!!!! I’m excited too, even though we haven’t caught up yet. but every friday we watch a movie or something, but recently we’ve been streaming Rebels episodes. tonight we’ll start with ‘an inside man’ and get 3-4 episodes down before we have to go to bed. :P
    (we always end up yelling at Ezra, and in my day dreams, he gets slapped a lot. XD )
    ok, I’ll stop now. :P
    Most crazily, Mahar

    (Mahar is my star wars name. Mahar Casan. :P )

  3. Great post! You were thinking of getting Rebecca? I didn’t know you wanted her XD oh, I got the slow cooker for Christmas! I love it. Isn’t it just so cute!? Me… Plus doll food… *dies*
    ~Katherine 🐱
    P.S. Tell Juliefan I said happy birthday!

  4. Looks like you guys had tons of fun! I died when I saw the picture of Jamie and Gabriela xD I’ve never been to an AGP, but I’m going to AGP Minneapolis in March :D! Congrats on everything you got, btw!

  5. After you make the custom, could you maybe give some tips on how to make a custom? I want to make one bad…… :)

  6. Hi American Girl doll Artist! I’m a beginner photographer, so I’m looking for a good camera to use. I’d love to hear what camera you currently use and your recommendations. Thanks!

    • Hi! I use a Nikon 7.100 camera with 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lens. :) This camera is a little high on the expensive side, so if you are looking for something less expensive, this isn’t for you. I don’t have much experience with Canon and other cameras, sorry. :) Best wishes on finding the perfect camera! :D

  7. I LOVED your pictures! That Hello, my name is Jamie tag is AWESOME. XD
    I watched Star Wars Rebels before, but I really like Clone Wars! I don’t watch either very regularly, but I love catching up on episodes whenever I visit my BFFs in Texas – they really love Star Wars. :D I was SO SAD at the end of Clone Wars when Ahsoka left, but I heard she’s in Star Wars Rebels! Is that even true or am I just crazy and am totally wrong on my Star Wars “theology”? XD