Maryellen Doll + Outfit Bundles Available on Amazon

American Girl seems to be branching out to Amazon with their bundles! Today, an Instagram user reported seeing new Maryellen doll, outfit, and accessory bundles on Amazon – Prime shipping included! The Prime shipping will get the bundle to your house in 2-3 days. I think this is awesome! Girls won’t have to wait as long, and parents won’t have to spend extra on shipping (if they have a Prime membership already).

Here are the 5 available bundles:


Maryellen and 50s Fashion Collection – $349.99

With this one, it is the same price as buying all of these items separately, but you do get Prime shipping, which I think is awesome.


Maryellen Doll + Ice Skating Collection – $209.98

This too is the same price, but Prime shipping available.


Maryellen’s Bedtime Collection – $225.99

With this, you save $3. It says in the description that it comes with her hair styling set, but it’s not pictured, so I don’t know for sure.


Maryellen’s Sock Hop Collection – $218

This is actually $13 overpriced. Amazon prices have been known to change over time, though.


Maryellen Doll + Books + Backpack Collection – $168

This one is an extra $3 for the bundle.

All of these are not bad at all, in my opinion, because they include Prime shipping!

What do you think of American Girl selling dolls on Amazon?

– American Girl Doll Artist


14 comments on “Maryellen Doll + Outfit Bundles Available on Amazon

  1. Hmmm… I guess it’s a plus to save on the AG shipping, and I would definitely buy more if I didn’t have to pay shipping. It doesn’t seem as special, though, as ordering from AG.

  2. Cool! those white doll body things without heads are kind of creepy though… I hope they put more dolls up!