Savings and Free Shipping on Lea’s World – Through June 20

All of Lea’s collection has free shipping, and there are also a few new bundles you can save on!


This sale will last until June 20, a few days before the Wellie Wishers arrive on June 23. I almost want to get the picnic set and turtle, but I’d prefer to wait until I can go to the store (hopefully soon).

Along with the Wellie Wishers, there is also rumored to be released, a set of Pomeranian pajamas and a Mix and Match set for Truly Me, a new Bitty Baby outfit, and a bunny with a hutch (for the Wellie Wishers).

In other news, today is Samanthalover’s birthday! My dolls are going to her baby’s party today this afternoon. 🙂

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. Luv4dolls says

    Hmmm, they’re definitely making room for the Wellies!!! I’ll check the sale out even though (I agree) I would rather go in person.

    Happy birthday, SamanthaLover!!!! I hope you have a blessed day!


  2. I can’t wait for Wellie Wishers! I’m not going to buy any of them, but I’m curious to see how well they do. 😉 Happy Birthday Samanthalover!

  3. That’s cool that they’re having a sale! I don’t know if I’ll buy anything, but free shipping is always nice. 🙂
    Happy birthday, Samanthalover! 😀

  4. AgMusician says

    Happy birthday Samanthalover!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! May God bless you on your special day!!

  5. Argh…Welllies. Oh, but Lea is CUTE! Happy birthday, SamanthaLover, have an awesome day!

    <3 Miri <3

  6. I’m going to the ag store next Thursday too with my grandma, but we are going to the Dallas one

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