Right now is about the time you should start saving your American Girl money for the end-of-the-year-sales! I just know they will have some great deals on clothing, accessories and even furniture! Last year they had:

Jill’s Steals and Deals – Isabelle dolls and accessories – $79 – $130

Cyber Monday – Clothes, books, furniture and accessories – $1 – $100

Black Friday – I don’t know what they really had, because BF is in-store only, and I didn’t go.

Daily Deals – Several new, “today-only” deals each day after Cyber Monday of clothing, accessories and furniture.

There were also multiple random sales in November to start off the shopping season!

Sales from last year:

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AG 444

AG 55

The holiday season is the best time to buy any big item that won’t be retired soon! Last year they had:

  • Julie’s bed
  • Addy’s bed
  • Kit’s bed
  • Rebecca’s bed
  • A horse
  • The Bouquet Bed
  • The Dreamy Daybed
  • Josefina’s bed
  • Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor

I am going to start saving my AG money! You never know when a surprise sale will pop up, like the For Goodness Save deals!

By the way, Catlover02 and I bought the Bistro set together! We had talked about buying it before, but the price was steep. But when it went on sale, we both really wanted to buy it together and split the cost. We made the mistake of telling our mom we wanted to buy it when it was almost 10:00 pm. It showed “No longer available” on the website. But I had previously put it in the cart, and we could check out. It went through, and shipped this afternoon! It should be here this week or the next! Our Grace dolls will be so excited!

Moral of the story: Save your money at the holiday season so you can be prepared!

You can read my post about saving up HERE.

— American Girl Doll Artist

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