A Special Trip

Guess where we went?


What? What made you guess the American Girl store?

I brought Grace, Catlover02 brought Spring, and Samanthalover brought her My AG 41 doll named Katie.


When we first walked in, we went to the book section which is on the right. This was set up. I must say, that little drink is pretty cute!


This was next to the picnic blanket. The hammock is very lightweight. The doll is heavier than the hammock itself!


The book section.


Samantha’s PJs.


Samantha’s flower picking set.


Kit and Grace.

DSC_3039Samantha on her bed.


My littlest sister, the one who just got Julie, kept looking at all the Julie displays, saying…”Look at this! Cool!” She was a little too short so I had to lift her up to see some of the displays. 🙂


Look at all that pink!


This was a fun set to play with. I loved the little chair and the dainty fan. The treats were cute, and the lanterns turned on!


Here is the new set. We didn’t get the parasailing set or the swim shirt and shorts set. The parasailing set is pretty sturdy, actually.



Limited Edition Sets.





This is the new summer hairstyle, called the Double Waterfall Braid, or something like that. 🙂


There’s Jamie!


Here’s Samanthalover’s doll Katie in the bedtime display.




Truly Me dolls! I really like 64 but I didn’t get her.


More beautiful dolls! 🙂


The doll in the hammock must be sick or something… 😛


I noticed this bow on the back of the leotard. It’s the exact same pattern that’s on the back of Grace’s apron in her baking outfit.



Remember last time they had this display? I took a picture for all you guys! 🙂



Grace’s suitcase was out of stock… again.


“Hello! Can I help too?”


Here’s Catlover02 and Spring watching an employee make their Creativi- Tees.


And last, but not least, here’s Grace helping wash Julie’s car.

Doll Fashion Show Photostory and Clothing Reviews are coming soon……….


*Crickets Chirping*

Thanks for reading!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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29 comments on “A Special Trip

  1. Hey! That’s awesome that you got to go- I loved looking at all the pics! Which location did you go to? In a couple of weeks, my mom is taking me to the one in Columbus. I’m really excited!


  2. It looks like you had a great time! That doll wearing roller skates and a swimsuit is the weirdest display I’ve ever seen! I wish I lived near an Ag store. The closest Ag store to me is 6 hours away. 🙁 Even if I did live next to one, my parents probably let me go there often! 😉

  3. You got so many amazing pictures! All are so cute, how did you get such good pictures without too many reflections? Also, when I went to the AG place the lighting was really bad. Anyway, what camera do you use? That doll skating in a suit is so funny XD.

  4. It looks like you had so much fun! I love going to the AGP, but the closest ones to me are the MOA one, which is about 3 hours away from me, and the Kansas City one, which is 4 hours away from me! 🙂

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