American Girl Place Los Angeles is Moving!

American Girl Place Los Angeles in The Grove is moving!

Up until a week ago, there had been rumors going around and a lot of us had assumed AGPLA was closing. The store has had limited stock for some time now, and the employees had been dropping hints that the lease was up soon.

But now that the news is out, American Girl announced that AGPLA is moving to Westfield Century City. They are having a moving sale (in store only) with items up to 50% off now through April 7th.

AGPLA will close after April 16 and open a temporary location in Century City Mall from May through November. Then in November, the permanent location will open in the same place.

I’m so excited to hear that AGPLA won’t be closing for good! I can’t wait to see photos of the temporary and permanent locations in the future.


24 comments on “American Girl Place Los Angeles is Moving!

  1. Sorry I never finished the comment! Opps! Well what I was gonna say was sad that it’s closing good that another is opening and having a bid sale!

  2. Yes! My Samantha had marker on her face and her curls were straight! I also sent nanea because she had a few scratches and her curls were gone as well! And then Christmas 2021 I bought a really old Kirsten from eBay and payed for her to go to the doll hospital! So yes I have sent some of my dolls to the doll hospital. I need to send Mary and Skylar (my Create your owns)

  3. She is! She is truly me 85! I’m making a series about her on my blog! She is addy’s younger sister in my series!

  4. We have been to LA but haven’t gone to the American Girl store there. Just Nashville’s. I’ve heard it’s a cool place though!

  5. Yes! I also sent my Samantha doll there too! Her nose was scratched up, her hair messy and her limbs were very loose 🤪 She had been passed down a lot. They ended up taking off her whole head and replacing it! I was so excited to get her back in the mail! She turned out amazing! I totally recommend it!

  6. LOVED the store next to Farmers Market & CBS but thank God the store is not closing. Planning a trip from Las Vegas to visit and so looking forward to it. I hope the Tea Room is open.