American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 2

Now it’s time for the Girl of the Year Grace displays! My Grace doll is here “helping” me write. :)


This is the display window in the entry of the store. The suitcase is a lot smaller than I thought, but it’s really cute in my opinion. :) It was temporarily out of stock at the store. Catlover02 was disappointed, because she was planning on getting it. I really like Grace’s travel coat. It looks gorgeous with her eyes.


Here are Grace’s pajamas!


Grace’s travel set again. :)


Uh-oh, looks like Grace has photo-bombed another picture! The little working mixer is so cute. It’s great for pretending. All of the treats were glued to the counters. I guess AG doesn’t want any pieces stolen from the $500 bakery!


Grace looks really cute in her baking outfit!


Here is the pastry cart. In another display, we touched the bakery pieces and the other items. The bread was really cute.


Grace’s hat needs a little more situating. I was going to buy Grace with her welcome accessories, but I decided to get something else. I probably will end up getting them sometime though.


The cup with the lemonade was really cute. The menu holder was the only thing that was bad quality in my opinion. The chair and table are made of metal.


Here’s my Grace doll! I looked through several ones to find the one I liked. I picked this one because her bangs weren’t messy and her limbs were tight. The only downside is that after I opened her, I discovered that she had come with a hole in her skirt! Grace doesn’t mind too much though.

Next I will do the Creativi-Tees station, the Bitties, and the book area. Stay tuned!

Now, a note from Grace:

Dear Fans and Followers,

I’m Grace Thomas. I’m very thankful that my mommy has bought me. I can’t wait to tell you more about myself sometime soon.

Au Revoir!

– Grace ♥

Thank you for reading!

– American Girl Doll Artist + Grace


9 comments on “American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 2

  1. Grace is so beautiful! You’re lucky to have her. Thank you so much for sharing you American Girl Place experience with us. I’m looking forward to the rest! My family was going to take me for my birthday, but our car was having problems :-(.