American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 3

Now for the Creativi-Tees, Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins, and the book area! Oh yes, I also decided to add a few other pictures.


This, of course, is the book area. I had to step really far back to take this picture. I love this part of the store. It has lots of natural light coming in from the right side. I like the way they arranged the books. About the display in the middle: the other side (the one that you can’t see) is a couch, perfect for sitting down for a rest or to read a good book. But every time, I am so excited to be at the AG store that I can’t even settle down to read a book. Plus there’s lots to see!


This is in the book area, near the Doll Hair Salon books and other ones in that series.


These are at the Creativi-Tees station. You can choose what color of shirt you want, which design you want, and you can choose the sleeve length.


Here are all of the designs. Design 11 was out of stock. I picked out Design 8, and I gave it to Jamie as a early B-Day present.


This is the view of the store from the Creativi-Tees station. Lots and LOTS of dolls!


These hair accessories are on the side of the Tees station. The sets on the far left are store exclusives. I had never seen them before. They are each $10, a pretty good price. The braided headbands and highlights were on sale.


At the hair salon, Sarah met another Sarah. They started chatting. The store Sarah looks taller, but that’s because she’s on a stand.


Here are the Bitty Babies!


Music Set for Bitty Twins. Really Ag? The outfits are cute, but toddlers with instruments is not a good idea.  Toddlers + loud instruments = NOISE!


This is really cute. I could see lots of girls who like pink wanting this.

I think I only have one more part to post which is the My AG displays. Stay tuned!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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