American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 1

Yesterday we went to the American Girl doll store. I took over 50 photos. I have so many that I’m going to have to split them up into several parts. Anyway, I got a new doll, and a some birthday gifts for Kaya and Jamie. Guess which doll I got? You probably will guess right. :)

First up, the Beforever displays.


This is Kaya by her teepee with her horses.


Looks like Grace is a time traveler!


Even though I don’t have Kit, I think this outfit is very cute. The chicken is adorable!


The kittens look cute online, but not so much in store. They have eyes that are too big.


The Caroline display. I love the saying on the wall: Some heroes wear uniforms, and some of us wear pink dresses.


I love this outfit. I think it looks awesome on Kaya. Red is really her color.


Kaya is such a cute girl!


Julie’s egg chair! I have no idea why AG hooked up a sound system to the chair. Do they just want more money? Oh well, the little food pieces are cute.


Here is the LE set for Julie. I think it looks really good on her.


My sister, whom I will call Samanthalover, was disappointed that we couldn’t play with the ice cream parlor. It was behind glass.


Caroline’s parlor is on sale for $165. All the little food pieces have so much detail.


I like the Kaya hair styling set. I am glad AG is giving Kaya the attention she deserves.


Here is the Kaya display. Her clothing collection is growing larger.


Samantha looks like Mary Poppins. $32 is an outrageous price for just a hat and coat.


Sombrita sure looks mischievous.


My, those goggles. I mean, glasses. :) Is it just me, or does American Girl seem to focusing on Julie a lot?


Samantha’s very pink collection. At least she has some blue and red too. Samantha does look good in pink though.


This is Julie in the book section!



Poor Josefina. I wonder why so many of her outfits are non-colorful. I hope AG has a makeover in store for her.


Rebecca has a lot of accessories. She is cute.

Next I will do the book area, the Creativi-Tees station, and the Grace displays. Stay tuned!

– American Girl Doll Artist


8 comments on “American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 1

  1. I just descovered your blog and I love it!
    It looks like you had fun! I went to the ag store back in November
    And the icecream parkour was out- it was so cool to pose our dolls and
    See the little icecreams! :-D

  2. And were do you live?? I live in Iowa! Oh and thank you! That would be nice if they would put one in Des Moines :)