Is American Girl Place Los Angeles Closing?

Several accounts on Instagram and Facebook (@amcangrl and others) have been sharing news about the future of the American Girl store in Los Angeles, California.

Image from Trip Advisor

American Girl Place Los Angeles, the third Flagship store after Chicago and New York, first opened its’ doors in 2006. Like the other Flagship stores, AG Place LA is a multi-level store featuring extensive dioramas of historical characters, Girl of the Year dolls, interactive displays, a doll hair salon, café, and more. During the 16 years AGPLA has been open, thousands have walked through its’ doors and experienced the wonder of American Girl through the carefully and wonderfully designed dolls, books and accessories.

However, American Girl Place Los Angeles may not be open much longer. According to multiple users on social media (and some with connections within the company), American Girl has chosen not to renew the lease for the store and AG Place in the Grove will be closing its’ doors in March, when the lease is up.

American Girl originally signed a 15 year lease that ended last year, and then renewed for another year during the pandemic. As of right now, they have not renewed their lease.

All hope is not lost, however. Another rumor is that American Girl will be relocating to another part of LA, sometime late 2022 or early 2023. Many people are still bummed about this (understandably so!) since they have spent so much time and made many happy memories at this store.

I never had the chance to visit AGPLA but would definitely make the effort if I had the chance! It looks like a beautiful place and I know it’s been an iconic American Girl location for years. I will be bummed if the doors end up closing for good!

Have you ever been to American Girl Place in LA?


7 comments on “Is American Girl Place Los Angeles Closing?

  1. My girls have been to American girl before they could walk. My youngest now 15 was excited to go visit the LA store this month. I was told it close, but hopefully they are just temp relocating.

  2. I still have my girls dolls from the 80’s. Time to buy for my oldest granddaughter who’s 5. So excited to order…

  3. Many years ago a friend and I had tea at AG Chicago. We were somewhat older than the other girls but we’re made to feel at home. . AG dolls joined us for tea (provided by staff) . We had a wonderful time and to this day it remains a sweet memory from our youth.
    Thank you AG