Isabelle’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hi everyone! It’s me, Isabelle. This time it was my turn to go to the American Girl store in Kansas City. It was my first time ever to go! I was super excited. My mom was still saving for Lea, but she thought it would be fun to see her collection and stuff. :)


Here’s me in the outfit I wore. The vest, hat and hand warmers are from the Warm Winter Accessories. The shirt is the Valentine’s Gift Set from 2015, the pants are an AG store exclusive (borrowed from Jessica) and the shoes are Truly Me tennis shoes. I brought along my dance case with a hairbrush, a bottle of hair spray (water), a few cookies, and Grace’s tablet.


Darica came too! She’s wearing the Red Ruffle Dress, which her mom bought at the AG store when she went without us the day after Christmas. She also has my glitter purse, which she borrowed from me.

Catlover02’s Grace came as well, but she was already in the car and didn’t want to come out for a photo.


Oh, and this is a picture of one of my mom’s cats. His name is Dusty. He’s resting on a ramp of snow.


It was a long drive! But 1 hour of playing on the tablet, 3 cookies, and multiple grocery shopping trips later, we arrived at the American Girl store! We looked at the book section first. Darica was too concerned on proving that she wore the Red Ruffle Dress best to the other model.


Here’s Maryellen. I got to see her in person for the first time that day. She has such pretty curls.


And Lea! How pretty she is. I would like to borrow her dress. :P


This is another Lea in the book section.


And here is Josefina.


Next, we headed to the Bitty Baby section. This baby looks so cute and chubby in the snuggly sweater outfit. :)


Um, this display was… interesting.


This is the Bitty Collection you can buy when you buy a Bitty Baby.


And this is my cousin Alice (in the holiday onesie) next to her twin in the leopard snowsuit.


Here is the Sugar and Spice Outfit and Birthday Accessories.


Darica is once again trying to prove she looks the best in the Valentine’s dress… I said she looks like Princess Ariel with the pink dress and her red hair.


Dolls! Julie is my favorite. She looks a lot like me. :)


Kaya would like this one. It looks like her.


Grace wanted to stop for a snack with Samantha. She said the chair was really comfortable.


The Julie section…


…and the Josefina section.




Time for Lea!


Ahhh! She is so pretty. She is going to be a great Girl of the Year, I can tell.


This photo is of Lea’s dress and messenger bag for girls. My mom held the size 16 dress up to herself, but alas, it did not fit. :(


And here we have the super-neat fruit stand! Some of the pieces were missing though; I hope they weren’t stolen. The coconut water was really cute though, and so was all the fruit.


I really wish they made a shirt and shorts for pajamas for Lea, instead of a romper. But that’s just my opinion. ;)


I absolutely love the pattern on the rash-guard! The blue looks really good on Lea. :)


Lea’s hut is really cool! I love all the little pieces,and it’s the perfect size for us dolls, of course. :)


Here is Grace at the Seaside Diner taking an order from Amy, another one of my Bitty cousins.


Right as we were leaving (near closing time) a little girl was going to celebrate her birthday party after hours.



Behold, the birthday chair!

Those are all the photos I took on our trip. I had a really fun time, and I am super glad I could go. :)

Thanks for reading!

– Isabelle ♥


15 comments on “Isabelle’s Trip to the American Girl Store

  1. Cute, pictures! I love the birthday chair! Oh my goodness! Did they take away the mini girls boxes? That’s really quite disappointing. They look tacky in plastic. A lot of big changes this year! Not thrilled about no head string on Lea or boxes to store the mini dolls in. I guess I’ll complain in person at the LA store next week.

  2. I wish they made bigger clothing sizes too, I still fit in 14/16 but I know there are a lot of other girls out there that are disappointed that they can’t wear the matching outfits anymore. :(

  3. Oh my gosh I live in Kansas city! We could’ve met each other if I’d been there! :) I love Lea’s collection and I might buy a few things from it but probably not Lea.
    Was the dress too small or too big? Because I was considering getting it….
    Great post! I can’t wait to see what you got!