Jamie at the American Girl Store!


Hello fashion fans! It’s me, Jamie the fashionista! You will never ever guess where I went yesterday! What? How did you know? Oh, yes, there’s that picture above my writing. Mom, you ruined my surprise!

Anyway, Mom took lots of photos and I got to meet Caroline! I asked for her autograph, but she acted all confused. I mean, she’s a celebrity. How can she not know what an autograph is? I know what one is, and I’m not even famous. I should be though. After all, I’m the biggest fan of fashion.


Onto the pictures. This first one is embarrassing but Mom insisted that I post it. I want to post it first, so I can just get it over with.


Stop laughing. You wouldn’t think it was so funny if you had to hang there. It was awful.


These doll shirts are so cute! They are Creativ-Tees. You can buy a shirt with a pattern of your choice for your doll and for you! Cool, right?


I am wondering the same thing you are. Why did American Girl put a blonde braid clip in black hair? I like that skirt though.


The new Mini Kaya is adorable! Caroline had a bad hair day. :)


What adorable new pets!


What a naughty little kitty! Makes you want to take her out and give her a big hug!


Look, another poor doll hanging in the storage tower. Who wants to be stored away?


Those girls look like me and Isabelle. Our bed looks good!


The locker is surprisingly small. That striped jacket is cute!

Jamie, all you are talking about is clothes.

So? I’m a fashionista. I’m supposed to talk about clothes.


This outfit is on sale for $16 with a $50 purchase. Mom didn’t buy it, because it’s a halter top, and she doesn’t like halter tops. I don’t either. The shorts are adorable though.



Two friends eating breakfast together! The breakfast set looks so real. The maple syrup looks like real glass.


It’s Sarah! She looks great in those glasses!


Okay, onto the Beforever characters.


Here’s Kaya’s display. I was surprised at how big her dog, Talto and his gear are. They are almost as long as Kaya is tall. There, I could really tell that Kaya’s face mold has changed. All of the displays had a flower design for the background.


Here’s Josefina. They just put a different design on her skirt and dyed her belt blue. Her pet goat is so cute.


Rebecca’s hat looks a little big. Her new holiday dress looks gorgeous on her! I love that movie dress Rebecca has. I would love to wear it in a fashion show someday!


Samantha’s ice cream parlor is so cool. The ice cream can go on the cones or in a cup. The candy jar is really detailed too. Mom and her sister had lots of fun playing with the parlor. I didn’t get any pictures of her display because when we walked by it, there was some other people around it.






I like the egg chair, and Julie’s outfit. But the glasses look a little strange. I think Mom changed her mind on Julie’s snack set. She said, “Oh, this phone is so cute! Look at the snacks!” Now let’s look at the Girl of the Year displays.



Look at the pink highlights. Strange, don’t you think?




These are the beautiful lights above the checkout.

That’s all the pictures Mom took.

Mom bought 3 items: the new earring tree (for me) and the Petals and Plaid pj’s (for me) and the highlights (unfortunately, not for me). She also got a free Beforever book: The Roar  of the Falls: My Journey with Kaya.

The pajamas weren’t for you, they were for Kaya.

But you said I could wear them!


Anyway, Mom will do a review of the pajamas soon. With me, of course.

Good bye to all you fashion fans! 

– Jamie 



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