Kanani Returns!


Jamie sighed while setting out the plates for a snack, “When is Kanani coming back?” she wondered aloud, not talking to Sarah, “She’s been gone for 1 and a half days now!”

“Be patient.” Sarah suggested, “Mommy probably got back late and left Kanani in the living room.”


“I’m home!” Kanani called, walking through the front door.


“Wow, nice dress!” said Kaya, “Where did you get it?”

“At the American girl store!! It was only $16, with a $50 purchase,” Kanani said.

“No way!” Jamie said, “That is a great buy!”

“I know!” Kanani replied. “It came with a cute little flower bracelet! No shoes, but who cares? If you live at the beach, you are supposed to be bare-footed.”

“Uh, Kanani, you don’t live at the beach.” Sarah giggled. Everyone burst out laughing.

“So?” Kanani said, joining in, “Oh, I almost forgot. Mom got everyone a present!”

“Yippee! I love presents!” Mini Isabelle started jumping around.


“Follow me!” Kanani lead the pack out of dolls’ house.


“Well, here we are!” Kanani pointed to the big shopping bag on the floor.

“What does it say?” Kaya asked, “Amer…..America…..”

“American Girl!” Jamie shrieked in delight. “I wonder what new fashion accessories Mom got for me!”


Kaya ran to get a stepstool and peered inside.

“Do you see anything?” Jamie asked, impatient.


“Yes…” Kaya said, drawing everything out.

“I want to see!” Jamie yelled. Everyone was getting edgy and pushy from all the excitement.


Jamie accidentally pushed Kaya into the bag.

“Hey, there’s 3 boxes, 1 huge one, and some pink pajamas!” Kaya shouted for all to hear.


Working together, the dolls hauled everything out. The pajamas are a store exclusive, the My AG box is the Seaside Tote set, Isabelle’s funky leggings and sparkly skort. Jamie received the pajamas, Sarah got the Tote set and Kaya got the Isabelle items. The big box was for mini Isabelle. Kanani’s gift was the dress she was wearing.

“Jamie, how about giving me a hand?” Sarah grunted. “I wonder what’s in here!”

Kanani kept giggling, watching everyone.

“What’s so funny?” Kaya asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Kanani shrugged, trying to look innocent.


The dolls managed to take the lid off. They peered inside.

“It’s…. it’s……!” Sarah fainted from shock.


“ISABELLE!!” Jamie shouted. “It’s the Girl of the Year!”

“Are you mad Kanani?” Kaya asked, fearing Kanani’s answer.

“No, I got over it yesterday!”  Kanani started laughing. “Welcome home, Isabelle!” She said.


Isabelle stretched and got up from her box. “You must be Jamie!” she said, “Mom told me all about you! I heard you love fashion. I do too!”

“I know!” Jamie pointed to Isabelle’s shoes, “I just love those! Where did you get them?”

Isabelle just laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll share them with you!”


This picture is a little dark. Isabelle is sitting on the Dreamy Daybed my mom bought for me and (my sister). She is playing with my sister’s cat, Tutu.


Sarah is modeling her gift set! I love the hat. It’s so cute and well made. Inside the bag is some lip balm.


Here is my pretty new doll! Isabelle is gorgeous!


I love her highlights. I put them in two days ago and they still haven’t fallen out. I would rate Isabelle 5 shining stars! ;)

Do any of you have Isabelle?

Thanks for reading!



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