New Grace Releases Store Photos June 2015


Bonjour! It’s a party of Grace dolls! My doll has the beret, Catlover02’s Grace is at the Bistro and AG’s Grace is baking. Next to my Grace is the food set I bought.


Grace’s new outfit.


Random photo. I just took this for fun because Samanthalover stopped to pick out the Leopard Pajamas.


The Eiffel tower jewelry holder can hold Grace’s earrings, and her charm bracelet, but it can barely fit the charm bracelet for girls! It’s pretty small.


These are a lot small than expected too. They are very pretty though.


Darica meets her twin!

I didn’t take many pictures because it was really crowded in the Grace section and the whole store. A review of the Grace movie and other posts are coming soon!

– American Girl Doll Artist


8 comments on “New Grace Releases Store Photos June 2015

  1. I can’t wait to see the Grace movie! Have you read her books? I really wasn’t a big fan of Grace until I saw her in person….now I think she is beautiful! :)