Tay’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hello everyone! I’m Tay! Today I’m here to be sharing with you guys some of the photos Mom took at the store. I got to come along. It was pretty awesome, it being my first time, and all. So here are the pictures.

Wait, so do you want me to be like the commentator throughout the post?

“That’s fine, Tay.”


So, when we first went in, they had just started the “Welcome the Wellie Wishers” event inside. Girls could decorate boot-shaped cookies with little containers of frosting and sprinkles. Mom didn’t take a picture of the table though, it was right in front of the main door and pretty crowded.


The Wellie Wishers! This display was cool because Camille was on stage and not Emerson. Emerson actually looks pretty cute in Camille’s outfit.

Someone suggested Emerson would be a good little sister for me. I’m not quite sure I like that idea…

Moving along.


The playhouse was pretty cool, except I couldn’t stand up in it. The bunny and hutch are really adorable though. :)


The table and chair set was okay, the chairs were really detailed. Us 18″ dolls are not able to fit in the chairs though.


This display was really cute. Camille and Willa are adorable together.

We actually didn’t spend much time by the Wellies. Next we went to the Bitty Baby section.


New fuzzy kitten pajamas.


And the new confetti dress. The baby’s party hat looks like it has a snowball on top of it, doesn’t it?

Then we went to the Truly Me section. (My favorite part)


DOGS!! I really REALLY want a dog. Hopefully Mom will let me get one. One with a big spiky bulldog collar and –




Mom said they usually have this display but they switched it up a bit to feature the Pomeranian pajamas.


You actually can have parties at AGP KC and you get different goodies. These are the outfits you get for the different types of parties : Truly Me, Lea or a Bitty Baby party. My favorite is the Truly Me one. I wouldn’t wear the tutu though. ;)


The new “trundle-bed” and bedding.


No pink, but too girly for me. Those hand warmers though.. <3


Ah, here’s a good display. If I were the one with the money, that basketball outfit and sports bench would have come home with me.


The new camping stuff was so cool to see! But why do people need a tent? They can just sleep on the ground.

“Tay, normal people stay in tents when they camp out.”

Are you saying I’m not normal? Good! I don’t like being normal. Normal is boring.


I was trying out the camper. *sheepish grin* Don’t pay attention to my dress (the one with sparkles and tulle). I had to get on something quick so I could quickly change into my new outfit.


My aunt wanted you all to know that these drawers do NOT open.


The kitchen is adorable though.


And the food! <3 <3


This set isn’t too bad. I like it.


I might like to try karate. There’s not a pink belt, is there?

I was going to get the soccer outfit, but then I realized how much pink it had, and I was like, uh, no. So I got something else.


This display is so funny.


These dolls look suspicious. They seem to be doing an operation or something…



Mix and match! I like the plaid shirt the best. :)


Then we went to the Lea Clark section. Here’s the embroidery on her new dress for girls.


And the celebration outfit for Lea. That food looks good.


Mini dolls.


That cat looks like a great pet for me. Mom, can I get a margay instead of a dog?


Nevermind. Looks like those are all the pictures we have for today. I have to get to soccer practice. Mom can you finish this?

Sure. Sorry about Tay, she gets off topic a lot. Oh well. She is quite the handful… The other dolls don’t know what to think of her yet. ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed this! A haul post is coming next.

– American Girl Doll Artist


32 comments on “Tay’s Trip to the American Girl Store

  1. LOL! I like Tay, she’s funny XD Those dolls seriously do look like they’re doing an operation…. Creepy :P
    Oh, I’m so excited for the haul post! :D

  2. Yea!!!!! So if the Willa wishers aren’t 18″ , then how tall are they? Did they have hard feeling limbs and faces? Like, 18″ have vinal or something, so they are kinda soft. What about them? And their hair? Do you know what they feel like?

  3. I don’t know what to think of her either…..*scratches head and looks puzzled* but I did catch at least one thing, hee hee, tell Tay that she looks ADORABLE!!! *turns away and hides muffled laughter*

  4. Looks like you had an amazing time! I hope I can go to the ag store again, I only went once. Can’t wait till the hall!

  5. LOL love you Tay! To let you know, when I go camping I sleep on the ground, beneath the stars, and it’s so much better than a sweaty old tent! I tend to share your philosophy on several things except the pink…I appreciate it, but not to an excess. ;)