Trip to the American Girl Store

Last Saturday, my sister wanted to go to the American girl store for her birthday, but we had some stuff going on. So yesterday we traveled to Kansas City to go shopping (and get some groceries).  I saved up my money from allowance and from doing chores. I was super excited.

Warning: Some of the pictures have bad lighting! :(


This girl looks familiar!
This girl looks familiar!

It wasn’t busy at all, but it wasn’t empty. My sisters and I had a great time looking at all of the displays.  The first thing we saw when we walked through the door was the historical dolls section on the left and the Bitty Baby collection on the right with the bookshelves.

Bitty Baby bath-time set
Bitty Baby bath-time set

The Bitty Babies are so adorable! The books are cute too. I don’t care if I’m a teenager and I like books meant for 3-7 year olds. I like the pictures!


Near the Bitty Baby section was the Bitty Twins. I said, “What if American girl used the old bitty baby heads and put hair on them to make them Bitty Twins?” It certainly is a possibility. I took this picture for my 5-year-old brother. He has a blond-haired boy bitty twin named Collin.


Here is the Kaya section! There isn’t a picture, but they had to squeeze the teepee into the display!


And Rebecca….. She is pretty with her curls!


This is the mini doll shelf. Ivy, Ruthie, Caroline, Cecile and Marie-Grace mini dolls were all on sale! Ivy and Caroline were both sold out!


Limited edition sets! Kit’s candy set was fun to play with for a little bit. Next to this they had a displays with all the beds. Marie-Grace and Cecile’s bed was on sale, but it was temporarily out of stock. In Marie-Grace and Cecile’s display, Cecile was nowhere to be found! She wasn’t in any of the displays. She must be out of stock.


Kanani had a little snack and chat with her new friend Caroline.


Yep, that’s Jamie! She is so beautiful. Jamie looks so good in pink, it’s no wonder why the store put Jamie in these store exclusive PJ’s! I liked them immediately, but when I saw who was wearing them, I bought them! Some other store exclusives were white capris, pink shorts and denim jeans. There was also a Kansas City store T-shirt for dolls, and an accessories set including a headband, purse and shoes.


I was planning to buy the Dreamy Daybed. I got the little card so I could give it to the cashier. My sister has the I Love Pets PJ’s.

This is not sold online. It’s the store exclusive Beach Cabana Set. The chair, food and basket are not included. I think the cabana is $68.


It’s Jamie again! The dress, Sweet Savannah Dress is on sale for $21.


I wish American girl would come out with a modest, one piece swimsuit! The blue/teal one is the best, in my opinion. I just use a leotard for a swimsuit!  I have a swimsuit cover-up that almost looks exactly like the American girl pink one! I wish it was sold separately.

I am so sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of the Isabelle displays! In one of them, Isabelle was wearing her Performance Set with the crown, and her hairstyle was a bun. Her pink highlights were still in there. My sister and I both thought it looked kind of strange. One employee at the store was handing out free Isabelle paper fashion sets! There was also a free craft: make an anklet bracelet for your dolls and you! I took Kanani to the store, so she got to wear it. It was perfect for her!


Oh look, it’s Jamie’s friend, Hazel Savannah! The other doll is Jamie without the curly hair.  The pink shirt can be bought online, but the pants on both dolls can’t.

The story:

My mom, sisters and I were in the Isabelle section. I was looking for Isabelle’s funky leggings and sparkly skort, when my mom said, “I think you should get Isabelle, because you can buy the bed anytime, but Isabelle will only be here for a little while.” The whole week before, I had had a very hard time deciding which to get: the Dreamy Daybed, or Isabelle? The night before, I decided to get the Dreamy Daybed, but then I started to change my mind. I agreed and picked out an Isabelle doll. Just as I picked out Isabelle, an employee was setting up the free craft. I did it with my sister, while thinking about Isabelle. Was it a good buy? I decided that I wanted the bed more, so I told my mom, “I think that I still want to get the bed!”

Then my mom surprised my by saying, “I think I’ll buy the bed for you and (my sister).” I was so surprised! Thank you Mommy! :)

I had gone to the American girl store in Kansas City before to buy Jamie, but this time I got to browse and pick things out. I loved it and I think I thanked my mom like 5 times. My sister (aka. Mother of  Jessica, Josefina and Bethany) got a just like me doll with red curly hair and blue eyes. She named it Spring. My second youngest sister got the Bitty baby swimsuit and two other outfits. My youngest sister got a little tired, but she got the Bitty baby ballerina outfit.  I am very thankful that we went to the store and had so much fun.

Tomorrow I will post a photo story about Kanani when she arrived home, and Isabelle’s debut!

P.S. I do NOT regret buying Isabelle. She looks way better in person that she does in the magazine! Her highlights are pretty and they have stayed in. I love to brush and feel her hair. It’s so soft! Isabelle told me she’s glad she already has a fully stocked wardrobe! :)


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  1. Wow……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all i can say. :) I REALLY want to go to the store and can’t wait to see Isabelle! You are so lucky. My favorite dolls at the moment are Isabelle, Cecile and maybe Addy or Rebecca. Oh, or Felicity. What are yours?