Welcome Back Samantha!

Guess what came in the mail today?



American girl is changing all the historical characters’ outfits! Samantha is returning from the archives as well! The historical characters are now going to be called Beforever. It even has a motto : Times change, but girls are forever. All the dolls will have 3 new books each! How exciting!



Poor Kaya didn’t get a new outfit. I hope new Beforever accessories, clothes and furniture are included in this fall release. Guess when it’s going to be released? On Thursday! Just 3 days to wait!


I love Rebecca’s new outfit. The skirt could mix and match in many different ways. Julie has a cute vest (I don’t know what it’s called). I also like how each doll has such a colorful outfit, Julie’s is yellow, Kit’s is teal, etc. I used to like Samantha. I still do, but I like other dolls better. If I got another historical character, it would probably be Julie, or Rebecca (I don’t plan on getting them anytime soon). ;)



Included in the card are coupons for a FREE Beforever book. You can only redeem it at the American Girl Store. My family just went, so we probably won’t be going. The coupons expire at the end of September. I wish it could be used at Barnes and Noble. Oh well.

I can’t wait for the new releases! Maybe new historical clothing will come out for the other characters as well. On Thursday, I will be doing a review of the things I like, or don’t like.


— American Girl Doll Artist :)


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  2. I wish that they would bring back Caroline. My cousin got her and then just a few months later they archived her! Why? It seemed like just a year or so, she was available.