What Happened on Friday

Did any of you realized I didn’t post this week’s Funny Friday? My brother had a soccer game in Kansas City (Overland Park, actually) and my mom invited my sister and I to come along too. I almost didn’t go, because a cold has been going through our family, and I was congested. I decided to go, since I wasn’t feeling that bad. We had to leave at 1:00 P.M. so I spent the morning working on my school work because I’m homeschooled. You probably realized where this is heading, but I will tell the rest of the story. Anyway, right before we left, I snuck the Beforever book coupon inside my purse. I was hoping we would go, and we didn’t have to go anywhere else to go after the game. Plus, I was bringing Jamie, and Catlover02 was bringing Jessica for a soccer photo shoot. I did end up taking some pictures of Jamie. We were sitting by a friend of my mom’s, and she was talking about American Girl Dolls, since we brought ours. All through the game we kept hinting that we wanted to go, and we were already planning what we would buy IF we went. Our hopes had already sky-rocketed. Once, I made Jamie say, “Hey, if we went to the American Girl I would get some new clothes! Think of the possibilities! A blog post, some new clothes, Beforever store photos!”

After the game finished up, my mom said to her friend, “I think I’ve been drawn in.” Her friend wished she could come to the store, but she had other things to do, and she would be in Kansas City more times in the future. I was so excited, I could barely eat my dinner.  The GPS said we would get to the store in about 10 minutes. It took us near 20 minutes to get there. I thought for sure it was going to be closed, but when we pulled into the Oak Park Mall parking lot, I saw someone go inside the store. I was relieved!

Oh my goodness. You would not believe all of the construction! It was crazy. On top of that, the highway was packed with cars, probably people visiting their family for Labor Day. But we got to the store safe and sound. Oh, and I noticed a huge cloud right before we went in. (Random fact, but I’ll talk more about it later.) Jamie is going to make another blog post about our trip which will include the photos I took. My brother was not very happy about having to go into the American Girl store. The bathrooms were pink and there was holders to hold your doll in the stalls and by the sink.

Friday night is the best time to go to the American Girl store. There wasn’t very many people there at all. When we were near the checkout, my brother looked out the window and saw the sky, it was turning gray from the huge cloud I saw earlier. There wasn’t any tornadoes, but there was some heavy rain. We got home safely. :)

And that is the story of why Funny Friday was not posted!

– American Girl Doll Artist :)


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