It was a Cold and Muddy Day… Part 2

Spring hurried into her jacket and looked at the scrap of paper. If she was correct, Grace was staying only about a block away! It started to drizzle as she rushed down the street. Yep, there it was, Apartment 36. Spring knocked and waited.

“Come in!” A voice called from inside.


Spring opened the door and a girl with dark-brown hair and blue eyes was looking at her.

“Uh, hi, I’m Spring.” Spring said.

“I’m Grace, but you probably already knew that.” Grace said, smiling. Spring nodded.

“Well, um… This probably isn’t the best time to talk, is it?” Spring asked.

“No, it’s a great time to talk.” Grace said, patting the bed beside her.


Spring sat down. “So… Why are you in your pajamas?” Spring finally said.

“Well, what would you rather wear if you stayed home all day, pajamas or regular clothes?” Grace asked, smiling.

“Um… Definitely pajamas.” Spring said.

Spring and Grace talked for a long time, like they were long lost friends.

After about 20 topics later, Grace asked, “Would you like a snack?”

“Sure! What do you have?” Spring asked.

“I have tons of treats, I’ll go get some.” Grace got up off the bed to get their snacks. She came back with a strawberry tart and a strawberry macron. “Here you go!” She said to Spring, handing her the tart. Spring licked her lips. Grace set down the macron on the bed.



After they finished their snacks, Spring finally said, “I think I should go, my sisters are waiting for me.”

“Well, I’m your sister too!” Grace said. Spring eyes popped.

“Oh, yeah! I forgot! But… Why aren’t you living at our house?” Spring asked, confused.

“Mom told me there wasn’t very much room at your house and I would stay here until she found a bigger place for you to live.” Grace explained. “Didn’t she tell you?”

“I think I forgot, but anyway, I can’t wait until we are all together.” Spring said. Grace smiled.

“Bye!”Spring said, heading toward the door.

“Good-bye! I hope I see you soon!” Grace replied, waving.

The End.

Do you think that was a good ending?



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