Blogging Tips 1.0

Some people have been asking for some blogging tips, so I decided to make a post of some tips for beginner bloggers.

These are not in any particular order.

1. Try to have a clean look for your blog. This will effect the first impression you give to viewers. Try to make your blog look unique, but not too crazy. My blog has 2 fun colors (red and aqua) and the neutral color is white. Since white is the main color, is makes the header and other text pop out, which I like.

2. Make your blog stand out. What is something you can post about or add to your blog that no one else has? Do you have a custom doll, or do you have funny photostories? Things like these will help make viewers keep coming back to read more.

3. Use natural light in your photos. I love using natural light.  It makes my doll’s skin look the way it is.  Some of my best pictures have been taken outside or inside near a window. The best days to take your doll for a photoshoot outside are on overcast days. It spreads the light out evenly, which reduces shadows in your pictures. If you want to have a photoshoot, but it’s bright and sunny, just shade your doll with a white umbrella.

4. Create a house setting for your doll(s). Dolls need a space to feel at home.  Arrange her bed, dresser, clothes and accessories. The neater, the better! Less clutter helps put the focus on your doll in photos.

Which picture is better?

This one…


or this one?


5. Prep your doll before taking her picture. Every doll wants to look her best before having her picture taken. Give her a hairstyle just right for the occasion. Pull on her clothes to smooth out the wrinkles and pose her just right.

6. Post a lot! This is one of the most important tips. The more you post, the more people come to view your blog. Your posts will appear in search engines, increasing your chances of being discovered by other doll fans. More posts = More views  + More followers + More commenters. Some of the best things to post are photostories, reviews, and the latest AG news.

7. Be patient. Success will not appear overnight. You must wait for others to find your blog. In the meantime, tell your friends and family about your blog, and keep posting! :)

And now, some tips from my dolls!


Sarah says: Even worn dolls can look good on blog with the right conditions. If your doll is “well-loved”, remember to still give her lots of love, and include her in your posts too. Oh yeah, and if you style her hair will lots of mist, it can temporarily tame her flyaways.


Kaya says: Feed your doll lots of veggies.


Jamie says: Buy your doll the latest fashions. Increase the size of her wardrobe. The more clothes, the more mix and match combinations you can create! Your doll will sincerely thank you.


Kanani says: Invite pets to join your family. They can add humor to photostories. Plus, who doesn’t love an adorable kitten?


Isabelle says: Let your doll find her own style. Give her tips on what looks best on her. Is there a shirt or dress that matches her eyes?


Grace says: Travel with your doll . Let her see the world! This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to Paris with your doll…. That would be fun though…. :)

That’s all the tips for now!

– American Girl Doll Artist + Grace, Isabelle, Kanani, Jamie, Kaya and Sarah. :)


17 comments on “Blogging Tips 1.0

  1. I love this! I’d second all those tips.
    Would you be able to look at my blog and see if it’s following those tips? I know I don’t post much (I do have tons in draft…..I just forget to publish them).

  2. These tips are really helpful. I think the one that will help me the most is the one about posting a lot. I tend to get pretty busy and forget about my blog, and sometimes don’t post things for months at a time. ;P