AG’s Daily Deals 2016 – December 5th

Now calling all AG Rewards members!! Today (December 5th) American Girl is having a sale only for new and current members! Just log into your account or create a new AG Rewards account to join and access the deals! There’s 20% off select items. 🙂 Here are some of them. Also, AG has free shipping still going on so combine that with your deals by entering 12FS16 when checking out. Thank you so much for all the comments guys! I {Read More}

Tenney Grant and Felicity – Possible Dolls Leaked!

Found on the website, Tao Bao, a listing for 2 American Girl dolls popped up recently, one fitting the description of Tenney Grant, and the other looking like an updated version of Felicity. Let’s start with Tenney: Here is the supposedly, Tenney Grant. Notice the normal molded hands, which show she will have a different body. The normal hands on the body point to the idea that this “Tenney” doll is a custom. The doll does seem to have quite {Read More}

More About Tenney Grant

Reliable sources have just revealed some important facts and news about Tenney Grant. Instagram user @agupdatenews (an awesome news account) has found from Facebook some new facts: Tenny Grant’s release date is February 9th. I’m not sure how I feel about this.. This is very unusual for another doll to be released just over a month after the GOTY. Tenney Grant will have light skin, brown eyes, long wavy blonde hair, and possibly freckles. This sounds like Truly Me #28 {Read More}

Tenney Grant’s Journal – More Clues!

Tenney Grant’s character journal was just leaked today – along with a couple of new clues that will tell us more about American Girl’s future contemporary character. This is the cover of the 160 page book. This confirms our suspicions that Tenney is a big music fan and plays the guitar. Also leaked was a sample page of the book. Tenney’s profile: Now we know Tenney also plays the banjo. She also loves singing, song-writing, and cooking. It looks like Tenney {Read More}

American Girl’s New Nabi Tablet

American Girl has recently released a brand new item: a child-friendly Android tablet powered by Nabi! This tablet has over 70 games, videos, apps and other extras. Other features include a berry-colored case to protect the tablet from falls,  16 GB of storage, and a child-safe mode. The American Girl tablet costs $79.99 and  you can order it directly from the AG website HERE. There are more details on their site if you’d like to know more. To be honest, I am very {Read More}

GOTY 2017/Tenney Grant Leaks and Clues

Well, it is already September (almost October, actually) and we have seen almost nothing on the next Girl of the Year. Last year, by this time, we had the leaked Lea mini doll, about 3 outfits from her collection, and more continuing to pop up. And now? I have found a few clues to share with you all – clues about the next GOTY, or Tenney Grant, the rumored “modern” doll coming out next year. Before we start, I just {Read More}

New AG Books on Amazon – Felicity’s Coming Back?!

Just recently American Girl author, Kathleen Ernest, has uploaded some listings on Amazon of some American Girl Beforever books that have not been released. One of them is called “Beforever 2017 3 Book Set.”  There is no description or listing photo, but it states the authors as Kathleen Ernest, Valerie Tripp, and Juliana Kolesova. The next book listed is called “Gunpowder and Tea Cakes.” 😀 This states the author to be Kathleen. No, wait. It gets better. Then, in another {Read More}

Possible Beforever Trademarked: Nanea Mitchell

AG trademarked a new name this week: Nanea Mitchell. The name means “fascinating” in Hawaiian. This could be the name of a new rumored Beforever character. Her time period is rumored to be around the attack on Pearl Harbor. Her code name is already known: Pearl. Probably because of her time period I’m guessing. The name is trademarked in dolls, doll clothing, doll accessories and even online games. Personally, I’d love to see her come out. I’m wondering if she’ll {Read More}

American Girl Sale – A+ Savings Await and Gymnastics Bundles

American Girl is having a back to school sale! You save 20% off selected merchandise included the Truly Me locker, desk, and school outfits! 🙂 See all the picks HERE. They are also having gymnastics bundles that you can save on! Bundle #1  – $205 (includes choice of a Truly Me doll) + free shipping. Bundle #2 – $115 + free shipping. Is there anything you have had your eye on? I really like the school stripes dress and winter {Read More}

Truly Me 2016 Holiday Pajamas on Ebay

New American Girl Truly Me holiday outfits are beginning to pop up on Ebay. Today, this new pajama set was leaked. American Girl hasn’t had penguin pajamas for I think 5 years. I love this , especially the leggings. I have a weakness for doll pajamas. 😀 So cute! Tay doesn’t know what to think.. she likes the sports jersey look, but not the pink. Maybe she’ll make an exception for Christmas. 😉 She’d probably ditch these booties though. 😉 {Read More}