The Guiding Compass – Part 14

Back at the dolls’ house, the dolls had just met with the police and had filled them in with all the details. There was nothing they could do but wait for the police to take action. Isabelle had suggested they all watch a little TV to distract them. It didn’t seem to be doing much. Most of the dolls had gathered in the living room, sprawled out on the couch, fold                 out {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 13

Lea awoke with a scream. A brown, fuzzy creature was sitting on her stomach, its head cocked, watching her. She realized it was a sloth. Lea blushed, embarrassed by her outburst, though probably no one had heard. The sloth just stared at her. She sat up, and wondering if the sloth would run off because of the sudden movement. It didn’t. It just slid down her stomach and onto her lap, continuing to stare at her. “Where did you come {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 12

The rocks crunched underneath her feet as Lea trudged down the gravel road. She had been walking for 7 hours, and she had only gone a little over 2 miles. Sweat was dripped down her back. Though it was a spring day, it was cloudy and humid, and her Jedi cape wasn’t helping. Throwing back her hood, Lea shook her head, letting the cooler air flow around her neck. It made her feel better, but her stomach was still growling in {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 11

The next morning, Grace and Isabelle were setting the table for breakfast. Isabelle spread plates all around the table and Grace carried the pastries to the buffet counter. “What’s today?” Isabelle asked, “Hopefully croissants. I’ll never get tired of those.” “Yep,” Grace affirmed, “Kaya will be happy.” She smiled, picturing Kaya’s smiling face when she noticed her favorite pastries were for breakfast. “Did you get the fruit yet?” Isabelle asked. Grace shook her head. “Not yet. It’s in the kitchen.” “Okay, {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 10

That night when the dolls were getting ready for bed, Lea decided to take a quick nap and get some sleep in before her trip. She ended up sleeping for a bit longer then she expected. Lea woke up and couldn’t see a thing. It was long past midnight, but she had to leave. She felt her way throughout the room in the dark, gathering her messenger bag and lightsaber. Lea pulled on her boots, and fastened her Jedi robe. {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 9

Lea had finished packing in ten minutes. Most of her belongings had fit inside the messenger bag anyway so she didn’t have much to leave behind. At night, she would leave. She just had to survive through the rest of the day. But, there was just one more thing she had to – sneak some food. Lea peeked through the crack of the door to the kitchen after lunch. Grace was busy baking, dressed in her baking outfit of baby {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 8

A few days later, Sarah was walking down the driveway to fetch the daily mail delivery right that afternoon. Opening the mailbox door, she looked inside and saw a pile of catalogs and letters. With the mail in her arms, she went through the entire stack as she walked back up to the house. There was a postcard from Grace’s cousin, a letter from Isabelle’s friend, a bill from American Girl, and the latest edition of Petite Pastries. Sarah searched {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 7

When they arrived back home, Lea made sure the front door was locked and then went straight to her room. She realized that the paper turtle on the wall had fallen down. Making a mental note to herself to ask the others for some more tape, she opened her shopping bag and looked inside. She laid the clothing she had purchased out on the bed and studied it. Then pulling her messenger bag up and over her head, she took {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 6

“Woah,” Lea said, in awe as they stepped through the doors of a shop called Dreamy Designs. There were clothing racks everywhere with signs that advertised their 50% off sale. Her mouth hung open as she took it all in. “I’ve never seen a store like this!” “Pretty cool, huh?” Kanani asked, watching Lea’s reaction. “This is actually one of the smaller stores,” Jamie said, acting like it was no big deal, “You must have not gone shopping much.” She {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 5

Lea awoke from her nightmare, panting. Her pajamas were damp with sweat. Thankfully she knew where she was, and with a sigh of relief, she spotted her lightsaber on the desk, its metal hilt glistening in the morning sunlight. Lea tossed off the covers and swung her legs over the side of the trundle bed. Peeking through a crack in the door, she saw no one. They’re probably not up yet, she thought. She grabbed her lightsaber and snuggled under the {Read More}