The Mysterious Illness: Part 6 (The finale)

Madison was started to feel tons better. She was glad she was able to go Coconut Clinic. Thanksgiving was coming up quickly. Madison wondered if Thanksgiving would be different this year, with her food changes and all. On Thanksgiving day, Madison’s home was filled with many wonderful smells. “Pumpkin pie, and turkey!” Madison thought, her mouth watering. Then, there was a knock at the door, right as the oven timer went off. “Honey, can you get that?” Madison’s mother called {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 5

Madison’s mother decided to read more on food sensitivities. She took Madison to Coconut Clinic, where holistic doctors worked. Holistic doctors help you heal your body inside out, and Madison was hoping that the doctors would help her. Her mother checked in at the front desk. Madison’s stomach was starting to feel funny. She was excited, but nervous at the same time. Madison followed her mother down the hall to a different room. Madison sat down on a large, but strangely {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 4

And now, for the long-awaited Mysterious Illness Part 4. Thanks for being patient. 😉 Madison tested negative for Celiac Disease. But her mom read online and in books, that people can be sensitive to gluten, but not have Celiac Disease. Madison’s mom eliminated gluten from Madison’s diet to see if Madison would get any better. Madison couldn’t eat cinnamon rolls, donuts, and other items containing gluten. Most of all, she missed her daily PB & J sandwiches, but her mother found yummy {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 3

Madison’s mother decided that it would be best if Madison had her blood drawn at the hospital. She wanted to see if Madison tested positive to Celiac Disease. At the hospital, Ms. Katie drew Madison’s blood. Ms. Katie was annoyed with Madison’s mother. Why did she go ahead and make Madison have a blood test after I already told her that Madison doesn’t have Celiac Disease? she thought. It’s ridiculous!  But she didn’t say anything out loud. She wanted to remain on good terms {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 2

Madison woke up early the next day and went to the doctor with her mom. “I’m sure the doctor will know what’s wrong,” said Madison’s mom, “Make sure you tell her all of the details and don’t leave anything out.” “I will, ” Madison promised. Just then, the doctor, Ms. Katie came into the room holding a folder and a pencil. “Hi Madison!” she said, “How are you?” “Pretty good,” Madison said. Ms. Katie gave Madison her check up. She {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 1

This is a series of the illness of a girl named Madison (Played by Sarah) and her friend, Sophia (Played by Isabelle). Madison’s mother is played by Kanani. After reading, please tell me what you think. This is based on a true story. *Part 1* Madison walked into the kitchen where her mom was serving Pizza Hut pizza. “Mommy, my stomach hurts.” “You’re probably just overly hungry.” Her mom said, “Why don’t you eat some pizza? It might make your tummy feel better.” Madison {Read More}