Free American Girl Coloring Pages

Feeling artsy? You’re in the right place! Print out a coloring page or two of your favorite American Girl characters!

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27 comments on “Free American Girl Coloring Pages

  1. Did you get your Kirsten from the 35th anniversary? I got a Samantha and an addy from the 35th anniversary, I would have got Kirsten but I already had her! I actually have two Samanthas one named Samantha and one named Alicia Lavender! I hope the comment isn’t to long!😹

  2. I’m thinking about getting Emerson so that Gwynn can have a twin! And maybe get a duplicate outfit so they can match!

  3. Got Emerson! My family is going camping and I’m bringing my wellie wishers! My younger sister is bringing her Ashlyn and we are bringing lots of accessories we have sooooooooo much planned!