Clay Tutorial: Chocolate Chip Cookies

When was the last time I posted a clay tutorial? Oh, yes, *gulp* January 13th. Well, at least you’ll be able to see I’ve improved since my last (er, first?) tutorial.

Today, I’ll be showing you how to create a chocolate chip cookie out of clay, hence the title. :P

Supplies you will need:

  1. Tan Clay
  2. White Clay
  3. Dark Brown Clay
  4. A Clean Workspace
  5. A Soft Paintbrush
  6. A Cutting Tool (I use an X-acto knife blade)
  7. A Circular Cookie Cutter
  8. Texturing Tools (Ex. Toothbrushes, Rocks)
  9. Chalk Pastels
  10. Something to roll out the clay with (Ex. Gluesticks, Highlighters, Markers)
  11. And, of course, an oven. :)


For my workspace, I use a piece of picture frame glass. It’s a little sharp on the edges, but it makes a great spot to roll out the clay, and it doesn’t damage the wood underneath.

Please note: If you have a color of clay you are already going to be using, just skip down to the 6th photo. :)

First you take the white and tan clay. You have to smash them together a bit to make it easier to mix.


Next you take your rolling tool and roll out the mixture of tan and white.



(No, I don’t usually roll out my clay with one hand) :)

Once the clay is rolled out pretty far, you fold it over. And over. This mixes the clay. How fast your clay will mix will depend on how hard your clay is. Sculpey clay, for example, is really, really squishy and can mix far faster than other brands I use.


After you complete your rolling and folding, you should have a pretty stable color. Don’t worry if the clay is bit lighter that that of a normal cookie.


Roll out the clay a little thicker that you would like your cookie to be. This will leave room for you to make the cookie lower on the edges and high in the middle, because what sort of chocolate chip cookie is totally flat? :)


Cut a circle and remove it from the rest of the clay.


Next, you use your fingers to smooth out the edges, so it’s more cookie-shaped that pancake-shaped.



At this time, the cookie will probably be, more or less, stuck to the glass, or whatever surface you’re using for this project.

All you have to do it slip a piece of paper, or a knife blade under the clay piece.


Set your cookie aside and pick up your dark brown clay.


This will be your chocolate chips. Some may use just balls of brown clay, but what I have found the most realistic is to pre-bake the chips before inserting them into the cookie.

For pre-baked chocolate chips, roll the brown clay into a long snake.


Then bake it in the oven for shorter than the normal amount of time. This will allow you to bake it again, but still be easy to handle.

Cut the snake into sections.


I already have some made that I’ll be using. The snake I made was a little fat, so I I cut up the bigger chocolate chips to make smaller ones.



After cutting up the dark brown, we can return to the tan clay. Pick up the mini chips with your finger and set them on the cookie.

I am really terrible at making things random. Syrup on a pancake, peanut butter on toast. They always look, I don’t know, too orderly. :) But these chocolate chips are pretty easy to make random.



Press the little chocolate chips into the clay.


You may want to stop there, but I have a feeling you don’t want to. :) To make this treat a little more realistic, add texturing and shading.




Use honey-brown pastel to shade the whole cookie.


Then use an orange-brown for the edges and middle to make it seem “baked”.



In the end, I felt that the cookie needed more chocolate chips.

Bake, and you’re finished. The temperature of the oven and how long you should cook the clay are usually on the clay package.


What do you think? Are you going to try it?

– Catlover02 =^-^=


29 comments on “Clay Tutorial: Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. im going to try this ! but do the pastels stay on after baking? i would think they may rub off ?
    this is for my 5 year old daughter and i want to be sure that the colors dont rub off onto her clothes.

    • If you apply them before baking, they won’t come off. But you can put on some modge podge just to be safe, though it’ll give a cookie a glossy look. :) I hope this helps!