Isabelle’s Fairy Costume

Hi guys! It’s Isabelle here. My mom helped me make this super awesome fairy costume. You see, the blog, American Girl Fan, was having a giveaway for 2 gift cards, so I thought I’d enter. All I had to do was to design a costume and then send in my photo. I dressed up as a fairy, obviously. I used different clothing pieces from my collection and other things from around the house.



The leotard is from an old ballet AG set. The tutu is actually from my performance set – it’s just turned inside out. :) The vines and roses are from a wire headband, and my ballet slippers are from my performance set too.


Mom made the wings for me from a template she found online. Then she tied them around my neck.


Mom said we don’t do Halloween because it celebrates dark things, like death and ghosts. Ugh. When we are in Jesus, we are children of the LIGHT, not the dark. I don’t really care, except the fact that I’m missing free chocolate! I love chocolate. Oops, I’m getting off topic.

Thank you so much for reading! Us dolls need to post more, Mom has been running this blog more than we have recently!

– Isabelle ♥


29 comments on “Isabelle’s Fairy Costume

  1. We don’t celebrate Halloween either, for the same reason. As an alternative, though, we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st. :)


  2. i saw you and Catlover03’s costumes on they are really cool!!!:-) Isabelle look’s SO beautiful!!!!!

  3. Our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween for the same reasons, too. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much, except for, as you said, the extra chocolate! ;)
    Lovely fairy costume, Isabelle! It seems the exact opposite of morbid and dark. I love it! :)


  4. Lovely costume, Isabelle! And Spring’s costume was pretty too. :) Your hair is gorgeous. You should do a tutorial sometime. My dolls and I don’t celebrate Halloween either. Instead, we have a costume party and celebrate Reformation Day! :)

  5. Sorry to hear you don’t get to celebrate Halloween. I usually buy my own candy but for us it was always a community to decorate yourself and your house. Church does that too, of course. Costume parties are fun any time of year though!

  6. Awesome costume! It’s somewhat obvious that we don’t Halloween…glad that you don’t either! I don’t miss the chocolate. :P Although I like it a lot by itself!
    From, Your Alter-Ego Isabelle.
    (If I were to pick a costume, I’d pick a cowboy. Not cowgirl. LOL)