La Patisserie: Making Grace’s Bakery



Welcome to La Patisserie! Well? What do you think? It’s time for a tour!


Here is the sign.


Sorry, it’s a little blurry. Anyway, I made this on Microsoft Publisher.


This is a little chalkboard from Hobby Lobby. I used a washable chalk marker to write on it.


Catlover02 and I worked very hard on these square. They may look easy, but we had to use a ruler for every line, and had to make sure it was in the exact place. All the hard work payed off.


This is the inside. Please excuse the mess. :)


This is a little shelf for accessories and treats. Catlover02 made this with foam core board and a hot glue gun.


Catlover02 also made this. It’s the display case for more treats. Don’t worry, I show all of the treats in one photo in a minute.


She printed out a white marble sample on paper, and glued it on top. You don’t need a color printer for this.


On both sides, there are shelves.


This is the oven. The plastic is from a box that held cards, like the ones at Target. The rest of it is made from foam core board.


Here are all the treats. The fruit tarts, cupcake, strawberry bar, macaroons, and raspberry macaroon, were inspired by Grace’s collection. The little drinks are lids filled up with hot glue. Don’t worry, it cools. Did you see the Girl Scout cookie in the front? Catlover02 made the frosting bag using paper, cotton balls, and an old tip of a pen.


Up close on the drinks.


Hello! It’s Maddy and Ella, Grace’s 2 best friends! Wait, they look a lot like Spring and Jamie. Oh wait, because they are!


It looks like Spring is busy.


So is Jamie!

Well? Did you like the bakery? Our dolls sure do.  Grace has still not come. We hope she arrives tomorrow. :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. I will be more than happy to answer them. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


18 comments on “La Patisserie: Making Grace’s Bakery

  1. Does the oven really open? I may make something like the counter top out of cardboard covered in thick paper, and i’ll make the hanging cudboard out of white foam. I have made Grace’s bistro set, and her flower bouquet. I won’t be getting Grace fror a while but am getting excited!

  2. VERY VERY COOL! Did you make the Girl Scout cookie? I’d love at tutorial. Those are my daughter’s favorites! I love the bakery counter! Great job!

  3. The girls want you to know they love your bakery! Susannah has Kanani. Isabelle has McKenna and Isabelle. Gwendolyn just got Grace and we love her! Anastasia is practicing with her target doll (Lilliana). How did you make the treats? They look so real! Great job, ladies. – the Walkers

  4. You guys did SUCH a great job! The little details like the squares in the front and the shelves inside are so awesome. I love the hot glue drinks and the frosting bag. You guys did a great job!

  5. Macaroon is actually spelt macaron and pronounced macaron. Aparently macaroons and macarons are two separate ideas and/or pastries. I just learned that yesterday so sorry for correcting you. But its also NO big deal LITERALLY EVERYONE thinks its pronounced macaroon