Make a Dance Case / Lunchbox

Here is another school craft! Today I will show you the dance case/lunchbox I made.

For the circle shape, I used an applesauce cup. To cover the cup, I used 2 different types of duct tape: pink and zig zag.


The lid is a piece of cardboard with tape around it. If it looks like it’s peeling, it’s just the tape that I use to make it stay.  I got the inspiration for this from Isabelle’s Dance Case. It’s not as big as the real dance case, but I don’t care. Isabelle is glad to have a lunchbox that matches her folder and pencils. My sister made the handle, so I don’t know how she did it. There are lots of other ways to make a handle, like from ribbon.




5 comments on “Make a Dance Case / Lunchbox

  1. I made a lunchbox/dance case and my dolls love it !!!!!! Especially Isabelle!!!!! I used a hairspray bottle cap instead of an apple sauce cup , so it’s a little bigger . But what a great idea instead of buying it . I love all your craft and plan to do them .