Make a Doll Backpack

Do you want to make this backpack for your dolls? Keep reading to find out how!


This is a cute backpack using a bag, duct tape and felt. It’s super easy.



Tiny doll books can even fit inside!


The straps are made of felt too.

I actually didn’t come up with this idea. Another doll blog called Doll Diaries has a post showing how to do it in detail. Click THIS to make the backpack. Have fun!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. Where is the best place to buy duct tape for a good price? I received my ag catalogue today, the one with samantha on the front and it advertises free shipping to the 25th if you spend over a hundred bucks.

  2. Hi Winter its Ellie. What is your blog call? I will look at it and comment on your blog! I can not wait to read the blog. Just give me the name and i will be on it!