Make a Doll Backpack

Do you want to make this backpack for your dolls? Keep reading to find out how!


This is a cute backpack using a bag, duct tape and felt. It’s super easy.



Tiny doll books can even fit inside!


The straps are made of felt too.

I actually didn’t come up with this idea. Another doll blog called Doll Diaries has a post showing how to do it in detail. Click THIS to make the backpack. Have fun!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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  1. Avatar Leeli J. Wingfeather says

    Where is the best place to buy duct tape for a good price? I received my ag catalogue today, the one with samantha on the front and it advertises free shipping to the 25th if you spend over a hundred bucks.

  2. Very neat! Love the penguin pattern and pictures!

  3. I need duct tape. Maybe i will get some today at Target if they have any. Does anybody know if Target has duct tape?

  4. Squee! Love that!

  5. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Winter its Ellie. What is your blog call? I will look at it and comment on your blog! I can not wait to read the blog. Just give me the name and i will be on it!

  7. This is a coll idea! Well i know you did not get the idea but its a good one.

  8. Cool! 😉

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