Make an Archery Set for Your Dolls

This is a perfect craft for everyone has a Kaya doll. Bows and arrows were important in Kaya’s day, so I don’t know why American Girl didn’t include one in her collection. Maybe they thought only boys and men used them.


It is a very easy craft. All you need is a large popsicle stick, some stretchy string, a pair of sharp scissors, and a large glass of very hot water.

First you will need to soak the stick in the hot water for a few hours. You will be able to tell if it is done when it bends pretty far. Don’t bend it too far, or it will start popping, and then snap.

When your stick is done soaking, cut 2 slits near the top and bottom on either side of the stick. You need sharp scissors for this to work. Don’t cut to the other side.

Use your string and pull it into the stits you just cut. Tie the string in a knot.

Bending the stick, pull the string to the other end and do the same thing you just did. Make sure the string is so tight that the stick has to bend.

You can cut a circle from cardstock for a target. For an arrow, use another popsicle stick or something long. I tried out the bow and it actually worked! I let my stick dry over night, because when I got done making the bow, it was still wet.


The finished bow.

I hope you have fun making this craft! :)