Make Doll School Supplies!

It is almost the end of summer! And that means that the school year is almost here. American girl came out with the new school supplies, but I made my own!

To make school books, cut out a piece of cardboard and put a paper cover on it. You can use glue or tape. It doesn’t matter.



To make pencils, cut a wooden rod and make a piece about 2 inches long. With scissors, point the end (like carving). I used a Sharpie to make the tip black.

The zig-zag pattern is duct tape.


This is a folder. I used a piece of cardstock and duct tape.


I hope you like these crafts! I will be starting high school next week because I’m homeschooled. I don’t know if I’ll have time to write posts during the week. I hope to still write Funny Friday posts and other fun things. Thanks for reading! :)

–American Girl Doll Artist