My American Girl Coloring Pages

Yesterday, I drew some American Girl doll coloring pages. One of them I drew free hand and the other I traced part of it. The dolls look plumper when I trace them. Which style do you like better? Click on them to view them up close and print them out!



The second picture is the one I traced. Here are the pictures after I colored them:



Hint: I used colored pencils. They are great for shading. Some common places to shade are under the doll’s chin, under their eyebrows, and the lower parts of their cheeks. I used a pink colored pencil to add some color to their cheeks.

Have fun!

P.S. I just shrunk the pictures. I hope they work now. If they don’t I’ll try to fix them again soon.

– American Girl Doll Artist :)







20 comments on “My American Girl Coloring Pages

  1. It would be cool of you make the back ground all white Instead of some being the ”fuzzy” grey color? Does that make sense? Just Curious.