2014 Recap

Hello! Smalldollsinabigworld.com has had a successful year! I am very thankful for all the followers and commenters.

The top four commenters on this blog in 2014 were:

1. Leeli Wingfeather

2. Rebecca

3. Ellie

4. Josie (josieonthego.com)

Thanks also to all the commenters not mentioned on the list! I appreciate you commenting. It’s always exciting when a new comment appears.

Okay, onto the numbers!



That is highest number of views I’ve ever had in 1 day. Thank you for viewing my blog so much! One reason I got so many views was because many people were searching for “GOTY 2015” at that time, and I had just posted about the mini doll.



That is the number of times Catlover02 and I posted in 2014. I hope we will post even more in the weeks to come!



That is the estimated number of times my blog was viewed from mid-September to December 31st. When I switched my blog and changed everything, all of my stats were lost, but I got a fresh, new start. So that is not actually the total for the year.

Thank you for reading my blog! Without you, none of the numbers would have been made. I hope you enjoy my blog even more in 2015!

Things that happened in 2014:

April: I started my blog.

May: I reached a total of 20 posts, and received 5 followers.

June: I bought Isabelle at the AG store.

July: I reached 50 posts.

August: I started the Mysterious Illness series.

September: I gave Kanani a makeover, and a Marie-Grace doll stopped by.

October: I wrote my first post on GOTY Grace. I didn’t know her name at the time though. :)

November: I finished up the Mysterious Illness series.

December: I shared pictures of Mini Grace and the 18″ Grace doll, and posted frequently about AG sales.

What is your favorite post?

Thanks again for reading my blog. I am thankful that so many people enjoy it. :)

Would you like some bonus pictures? Okay!






– American Girl Doll Artist + Sarah (the oldest and best doll ever)




9 comments on “2014 Recap

  1. Yay! Congrats! I am Josie, but on my wordpress account. I am logged in so I’m just not going to change it :). Glad to be one of your top commenters!