A Doll Playdate

Recently, Catlover02 and I played with our dolls with 2 of our American Girl loving friends. One of them was the girl who received the new Marie Grace. We had just given her the doll that day. She was so excited. :) I took some pictures of the dolls having fun. There was Isabelle, Spring, Lilac (wearing the school dress), Leeli Wingfeather’s Marie (wearing the soccer outfit) and the new Marie Grace (wearing her meet outfit). Oh yes, and Mini Cecile and Mini Marie Grace came along too. They belong to Leeli Wingfeather (with the soccer Marie Grace and Lilac. She also owns another doll named Hazel but she didn’t come).

Dolls left to right: Marie Grace 1, Mini Marie Grace, Lilac, Isabelle, Spring, and Marie Grace 2, and Mini Cecile.

Leeli photo-bombed the picture by placing a donut in Marie-Grace 1’s hand. Ha ha.  Marie-Grace 1 is Leeli’s. Marie-Grace 2 is the other doll.


The 2 Marie-Grace dolls. They are a-doll-able. I noticed that Marie-Grace’s necklace that came with her accessories looks very similar to Samantha’s new one in her accessories.


She really does have a just like me doll!



Isabelle and Lilac (who was pretending to be Isabelle’s older sister, Jade). They look related, don’t you think?

The American girl holiday collection is bound to be released any day now. I have noticed that American Girl releases their collections on Thursdays. Maybe it will come out this week or the next.

Thanks for reading!

– American Girl Doll Artist



4 comments on “A Doll Playdate

  1. This post is so cute and I especially LOVE the pics of the duplicate dolls. ( I actually think it is awesome for lots of people you know to have the same doll after seeing that pic.) I think you may have contradicted yourself in the post. He He (says marie) Any how so you said I have marie 1 and under the photo you said have marie 2. You will have to let me know which is mine going to be called 1 or 2 or edit the confusion. LOL keep up the good posts.

  2. love all the pictures. I hope the new “Doll-A-Days” stuff will come out soon. I can not believe they will already be putting their holiday stuff up.