Kanani’s Discovery

“Hey, look,” Kanani said, “It’s a catalog. Come on Pepper, lets look at it!”

“Oooo! I just love that new hat. It would go with so many of my outfits! Hey Jamie, come look at this! Oh wait, she’s sleeping.”


“Wait a minute!” Kanani couldn’t believe her eyes. “Who is this?”


“Is this the new girl of the year?” Kanani shrieked, not even bothering to keep her voice down. “How could they? I am the girl of the year! Or so I thought.”


“What’s going on?” Sarah asked, walking over.

Kanani gasped for breath. All the screaming was hard work. “American girl (pant-pant) has replaced (pant-pant) ME! Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“Well, we thought you already knew!” Sarah said. “Kanani, you were the girl of the year 2011. It’s not 2011 anymore. It’s 2014.”

“So, who else have I missed?” Kanani asked.

Sarah sighed, “If I tell you, you have to promise not to scream, Okay? Good. Let’s see, there’s McKenna, and who else? Oh, yes, Saige.”

“WHAT!!” Kanani yelled.  Sarah sighed again.

“Kanani, think about how the 1st girl of the year felt!” Sarah reminded her.

“Okay, I’ll stop screaming.” Kanani frowned. “But if Isabelle comes to our house ever…..”


“Kanani, listen,” Sarah said, “You are my sister, and you always will be. Even if 20 new dolls come to our house, I’ll still love you. You’re my sister, and nothing can change that.”

“Aw. I love you too!” Kanani said. “And I forgive McKenna for taking my place.”

“And I think Isabelle will forgive you for taking her ballet clothes!” Sarah said, laughing.

“What?” Kanani asked, “Those ballet clothes are MINE!”

The End :D



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