The Science Project

This is a new series I’m making. Here’s the cast,

Jessica as Miss Beaker

Bethany as Sal Jackson

Grace Thomas as Erica Matthews

Spring as Ava White

Josefina as Ruth Jackson


Erica Matthews was excited for science class. Not that she loved science, but because it was her last subject of the day, and she would have the weekend ahead of her. She hurried through the hall and opened the classroom door. The other students were already there. Erica gave a quick wink to her best friend, Ava White, and walked to her desk. Her teacher, Miss Beaker, hurried into the classroom.

“Hello, students!” She greeted, out of breath.

“Hi, Miss Beaker!” The class replied. Miss Beaker caught her breath before getting on subject.

“Please open your notebooks and take out your pencils for today’s assignment.” She commanded.


Everyone obeyed, except Sal Jackson, who was still trying to strike up a conversation with Ava, and it was obvious that she wasn’t listening.


“Sal Jackson!” Miss Beaker said, a little loudly. Erica and Ruth turned around and looked at Sal. He snapped to attention and got out his notebook.


“As I was saying, you will need your notebooks and pencils. I want you all to write an essay, here and now about what you have been learning this week. You have 30 minutes. Please make it at least 150 words long.”


Sal groaned.

“Is something wrong, Sal?” Miss Beaker asked, even though she knew what he was groaning about. Sal shook his head. Erica thought about the assignment.

“Miss Beaker, may we look at our notes?” She asked timidly, hoping for a yes. Miss Beaker nodded.

They all set to their assignments. Ruth was done first, then Erica, and next was Ava. Soon the 30 minutes were up.

“Miss Beaker?” A voice called from the back of the room. “I think I left my sandwich in my locker, can I go-”

“After you finish your report.” Miss Beaker interrupted. She took the reports from the desks’ and read them while Sal finished up his. After ten minutes, he was finished. Then Miss Beaker graded them. The first report was Erica’s. She smiled at the A+ on the top of the paper. Ruth was next. She slipped the paper to Erica. A 97%. Not shabby! Ava tapped Erica on the shoulder and showed her the paper. A+ also! Last of all was Sal. He stuffed it in his backpack before anybody could see his grade.

Miss Beaker walked back to the front of the room. “Your assignment for next week will be a team project! Each team will have 2 students working together.” Erica and Ava looked at each other, hoping to be partners.

“You must choose a subject from your science book.” She continued. “Here are the teams, Ruth and Ava, Erica and Sal.” Erica’s heart sank and she glanced at Ava, who shrugged. Sal jumped up and down like a crazy person.


Miss Beaker gave him a stern stare and he stopped. Ruth and Ava shook hands. Sal hurried to the front desk and slapped Erica on the back. Hard.


“Ow! Hey, watch it!” said, trying to move Sal’s hand away.

“Mr. Jackson! No hitting! That is one of the rules!” Miss Beaker said, pointing the book of rules on her desk. She took a sip of strawberry soda.


“Excuse me, Miss Beaker, may I use the restroom?” Erica asked. Suddenly she didn’t feel so good. Miss Beaker nodded and Erica hurried out the door.


As she washed her hands, she thought, ‘How am I going to finish this project? I’ll probably have to do it all myself.’ She was starting to feel sorry for herself. She went back to the classroom, only to find Sal asking random questions to Miss Beaker.


“Miss Beaker, why do birds fly? Why don’t rocks jump? Why isn’t water purple?” Miss Beaker looked ill.

She waited until Erica was in her seat, and then told the class what the teams would be doing together. “Next Friday, you will give an oral report to the class of your research. You may choose any subject in your science book. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Miss Beaker left the room.


“I think,” Sal started, “That we should do a report on toy animals!” He played with his toy giraffe figure.

Erica shook her head. “Miss Beaker said to do a report on something in our science book.” She pointed to her book.


Sal rolled his eyes.

“If you don’t like it, then leave.” Erica said, crossing her arms.

Sal smirked, “Fine! I will” He started to leave the classroom.

“No, wait!” Erica said, but he had made up his mind.


“Now I really have to do this all by myself.” She mumbled under her breath. After school was out, she walked home by herself, feeling kind of guilty for being mean to Sal. The minute she got home, she pulled a soda out of the fridge and opened her science book, looking for a topic.



“Come in!” Erica sighed, still flipping through the book. Her mind was blank.

“Hi, Erica!” It was Ava! She plopped down on Erica’s bed. “So, what are you doing, where’s your partner?”

“Guess.” Erica said drearily.

Ava sighed. “Are you going to apologize to him? Or at least let him help with the project?”

“He can help if he wants to, but I’m pretty sure he’s not, not after what I said.” Erica said, “I’m going to apologize tomorrow morning. He’ll probably laugh right in my face!”

“You don’t know that he will.” Ava replied,


“Anyway, I’ve gotta go, bye!” Ava said, opening the door to leave.

Erica waved, still deep in thought.

(Part 2 coming soon, very soon)

What do you think? Does Bethany make a good boy doll?



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  1. This is a fun story!! Can’t wait till Part 2. I think Bethany makes a good boy doll :) You should make Bethany a boy in lots of story !!