Kaya’s Sleepover Part 2


Kaya and Josefina woke up the next morning and found Kanani in the kitchen.


“What’s the big idea bringing Josefina over?” Kanani teased, “Jamie nearly had a heart-attack!”

“Sorry Jamie!” Kaya called. Then she said to Josefina, “I’m going to make breakfast. Do you like pancakes and fruit?”


“Yes!” Josefina said. Together, they made breakfast and ate. Then Josefina had to go home.

“I wish I could stay longer, my sister has been texting me all morning, wondering where I’ve been.” Josefina said.


“That’s okay Josefina,” Kaya said. The friends hugged each other. “Come back soon!” Kaya shouted, “Bye!”


(Sorry this is short, but I couldn’t think of anything more exciting.) :)


4 comments on “Kaya’s Sleepover Part 2

  1. I did not know Josefina knew how to text. Does Kaya? I enjoy reading your stories and seeing your pictures. Oh, and getting to know your dolls. What are your dolls middle and last names and who are in the same families or are they all just friends?

    • Yes, since they have been living with me, they’ve been sort of modernized. All my dolls are in the same family. I haven’t made up middle and last names. Thanks for the great questions!