The Valentine Party 2015

On February 14th, 2015, Kanani got up early to prepare for the Valentine’s party. Grace Thomas was bringing the treats, and Kanani was in charge of the decor.




Kanani set up a shiny heart tree.


She scattered confetti all over the table.


Kanani also put up a banner.


Her job was finished. Now all she had to do was wait for the other dolls to arrive.


Jamie came first. She was wearing a sparkly heart dress.


“Um, hi, Jamie!” Kanani said. She wondered why Jamie was dressed-up so fancy. After all, it was only a Valentine’s party.

“Don’t you like my dress? I have to wear something pretty when I get crowned ‘Queen Valentine’, ” Jamie explained.

Every year at the Valentine’s party, the doll who got the most valentines at the party, got crowned Queen Valentine. Jamie had won 2 times in a row, and she wanted to continue her reign.

“Sure, it’s nice.” Kanani replied. “But anyone could win.”

“True,” Jamie replied, but she didn’t really believe it.


Jamie put her bag next to Kanani’s.


Next, Kaya and Sarah arrived. Kaya liked looking at the confetti on the table. She didn’t bring a bag, or any Valentines to give out, so Sarah shared her bag with her.


Jamie started to hand out her Valentines.


Kanani put a card in Jamie’s bag.


Just then, Isabelle arrived hauling her dance case.

“Hey guys!” Isabelle greeted her friends. She was just wearing her casual outfit. At least it had pink on it!


“Did you bring the Valentine crown?” Jamie asked.

Isabelle nodded, and reached into the dance case.


She pulled out the crown. The glass jewels glittered in the light.


She put it back into her dance case.

“Uh, so, where’s your bag?” Sarah asked.

“Right here!” Isabelle patted her dance case.

“Uh,” Kanani stammered, “Isn’t it kind of big?”

“No,” Isabelle replied cheerfully. She pulled out a pile of Valentines and distributed them.


Then, the final guest arrived: Grace Thomas! (Catlover02 was letting me playing with her for a day.).


After the rest of the Valentines were distributed, Grace brought out the treats.

“Oh! Cool!” Jamie exclaimed.

Everyone reached for a treat.

After they were finished with their treats, they all counted their valentines.


Sarah helped Kaya sort her valentines because Kaya didn’t know how to count very well.


Kanani opened up her Valentines. She had 4. The one from Isabelle said, “Happy Valentine’s Day! You keep me balanced!” Kanani laughed. She also got a hedgehog bookmark from Sarah, and card from Grace and some stickers from Jamie.


“Look, I got a pen!” Jamie said. “How many valentines did you get Grace?”

“Well, how many did you get?” Grace asked.

“I asked you first!” Jamie insisted.

Grace laughed. “I got 4 valentines.”

Jamie gulped. She got 4 as well. Would there be a tie this year?

Sarah and Kanani both got 4 valentines also.


“Well, I guess it’s a tie!” Jamie said, disappointed.

“Wait, we don’t know how many Kaya has.” Kanani pointed out, “How many do you have?”

” I have 5, I think,” Kaya replied.

“But, how? I ….. I just don’t get it!” Jamie exclaimed, confused.

“I get it!” Sarah announced, “Kaya didn’t give out any, so instead of having 5, we all got 4. But we all gave her one, so she got 5.”

“Oh.” Jamie was silent for a minute. Then she smiled, “Congratulations!”

Kaya blushed and started to pull on her fringe, a bad habit of hers. She did it whenever she was embarrassed or shy.


Isabelle picked up the crown. “I now crown you…..”


“…Queen Valentine!”

Kaya looked around at everyone staring at her. “This crown is heavy,” she remarked, and everyone laughed.



Group photo!

Then this happened:



Thank you for reading! What did your dolls do for Valentine’s Day?

– American Girl Doll Artist







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  1. Kaya is so cute! :) By the way, I’m learning Hawaiian, and “nani” means pretty, so Kanani’s name means “the pretty one.” I thought that was a cool fact! :)


    P.S. when will you do more coloring pages? I really enjoyed coloring them! (on the computer)