Inkpot the Explorer

Hello, this is Inkpot the explorer. I am outside, well, exploring. Come along with me on my adventures, that is if I have any.

Just as soon as I walked out the front door unnoticed, I almost collided with a giant orange creature.


It looked as if it was a no-nonsense creature, so I left as to not get into any trouble. Whoever heard of a cat and cat fight?


Hmmm, these flowers look nice. I wonder if they smell! *sniff sniff* Yum!


Wait a minute! I see another animal. It looks similar to the first one, only this one is black. It resembles me, I think. I always thought I was handsome!


How rude! It didn’t even say hello. Maybe it can’t see me. That’s the only problem with being a stuffed creature, you never grow. So what’s the point of eating?

Time to return to my headquarters.

This is Inkpot the Explorer! Over and out.


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