Meet Crystal

Who wouldn’t want to meet an adorable kitten? Crystal is the new kitty in the house, and you can read about her homecoming here. Crystal is the new pet cat American Girl came out with this summer, and I finally got around to doing a photo-shoot with her this morning. Crystal loved to frolic around in the dew, especially after I took her collar off.Crystal for blogCrystal has been pretty happy in her new home. She likes to snuggle at bedtime and sniff the flowers that grow around outside.


Color: Pink

Kitty Friend: Tutu, they have a lot in common.

Food: Hmm… Fish for breakfast, fish for lunch and fish for dinner. I guess, fish.

Hobby: Taking naps in the sunshine.

Toy: The fish toy she came with.

Person: Myself mostly, but she likes Spring too.

Crystal is so soft and sweet. She loves to be walked like a dog, showing off her awesome, jeweled, pink collar. She made friends with all the other household pets immediately and is very obedient, even when it’s time to take a bath. Well, most of the time she is.

How do you like the new pets? Do you like the old or new ones better?

-Crystal and Catlover02


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