New Addition to the Pet family!

Hi folks, Jessica here. I know I should be talking about fashion, but I’m actually talking about pets. Last night, I asked Mom for a new pet, and she said I could go to the Pet Store down the street the next day and pick out a pet. So this morning I woke up and got dressed. I wore this cute polka-dot purple dress and I just loved it and-

Jessica, your supposed to be talking about going to the pet store.

I know, but I have to describe my outfit.

They’ll see it in the pictures of you.

Oh, anyway and I ate my breakfast, Spring asked where I was going. I told I was going to the pet store. Spring said she wished she could go. She caught a cold last week and hasn’t got over it yet. Josefina caught it too and was supposed to be in bed but she appeared at the bedroom door. She said she wanted to come too.DSCN2501Spring told her that she was still sick but, she insisted that she wasn’t, until she coughed for a full two minutes, and then decided she should go back to bed. I asked Bethany if she wanted to go, but she said, ‘No, way! I’m going to go shopping before I get sick!’ All Bethany cares about is clothes. I don’t as much, but I’m way more fashionable than she is.

‘Ha,’ I thought, ‘A whole trip to the pet store all by myself.’ When I got there I saw that it was almost out of business. Well, maybe the big sign that said, ‘ Going out of Business’ was a helpful hint. When I went in, almost all of the pets where gone, and the ones that were left had their prices lowered. ‘Sweet!’ I thought. A girl about my age was handling the counter.DSCN2507“Hi,” she said, ”Help yourself.” I looked over at the pets. Hmm.. I don’t want a dog, cross that off the list. I reached down to pet one of the cats. It purred and I smiled.

”I think I’ll take this one.” I decided.

The girl nodded. ”That will be 28 dollars.” she said. I paid, but remembered something.

“Hey, um… Do you know if cats like to be walked?”

She nodded. “I’ve heard lots of stories like that.”

“In that case, I’ll take one collar and leash.” I said. She pulled a pink princess collar and leash from behind the counter.

“This is the only one we have left, sorry.” she said. I loved it, and it was perfect for the cat I picked out.DSCN2513“Thanks.” I said, attaching the leash and collar carefully the my new pet. I thought of names as I walked home. ‘Hmm… Princess names, Sarah, Lovey, Jewels, Ruby, Emerald, Crystal… Crystal! Hey, that’s it!’ I arrived home a few minutes later. “Please welcome… Princess Crystal!!!!!!!!” I announced, opening the door. Josefina and Spring crowded around me. DSCN2516“Please, the princess needs her space.” I said. Crystal already seemed at home. She purred and rubbed Josefinas’ ankles. Josefina reached down and petted her.

“Aw… She so sweet!” Spring said, loving the new addition already. Coconut barked, wondering what the commotion was in the other room.

“I’ll go him out of he bedroom.” Bethany said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea yet.” Spring said, knowing all about pets.

“Oh yeah, they might fight.” Bethany said.

Crystals’ profile is soon to come!

-Jessica and Catlover02





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