Review: Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed

As a pet lover, I own many of the American Girl cats and dogs. This pet bed stood out among the other pet beds that are available. It looks like something you could really buy at a pet store.


It’s mostly for Jade, but all the pets are going to sleep in it at some time.


Overall, it’s super sweet.  I love it not just because it’s for my pets, but it’s also a great prop in your doll’s house. In a real house, most indoor pets have special beds for themselves. The same goes for your dolls’ pets!


This is a really cute pattern that American Girl used. I love the bright and cheery colors and the butterflies. The edges of the bed create a flower design.


The center of the bed is very cushioned and soft. It’s also supposed to look like the middle of the flower.


For the petal on the flower bed, there is a darker teal felt that feels velvety. On the inner edge is a strip of soft green lining. I don’t know if it’s supposed to help hold the bed together or if it’s just for an accent. Either way, it fits with the color scheme and isn’t a problem.


This is how the bed look flipped over. There is the same teal background and pink stripe pattern as on the top of the bed, but there is surprisingly none of the dark teal cloth. You can see there is an american girl tag and a little green strip that says, American Girl, near the middle of the bed.


Onto the butterfly pillow. First of all, I love it, but it has me kind of confused. What pet bed needs a pillow and why would your pet need a pillow anyway? Although I don’t know what it’s for, it looks nice on the bed. The pillow feels a little rough.


There’s no butterfly on the back, but you can see the American Girl tag.


Jade fits great in the bed, but she is BIG dog, so she will probably be sleeping by herself. 2 retired pets, like Coconut and Praline, would be able to fit in the bed with room to spare.


Jade is happy that her collar matches her bed, so she knows it is just for her.

I really recommend the Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed and rate it 5 out of 5 stars.


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6 comments on “Review: Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed

  1. That is my favorite of the pet beds mainly because it is the only one that does not have a bone in the pattern. Bones = dogs not cats. :)

    Very nice review. Perhaps the little pillow is a chew toy?