Tutu’s Beauty Show

Hello, and welcome back to Tutu’s television channel. Today we will be talking about beauty, and all things makeup.


Please welcome our special guest, Tutu!



What is the matter?

What is the matter? What is the matter? The matter is that I do NOT have a flower bow!

Don’t worry Tutu, we will fix you up in no time and you will very beautiful, even without a flower bow. Just calm down

Oh fine…

Alright, the first thing we need to do is get out our makeup. You will need to do this on a friend if you are a beginner.

Are you a beginner, Tutu?

Um… yes…

*Sighs* Don’t make me look ugly.

I won’t! Now, close your eyes.


No, I mean, just close them. We have to be able to put on the eye shadow!


You resemble a dog that has too much hair. He he he.

What did you say?

Oh, nothing.


Now, while your victim – I mean, friend is waiting, choose the color of makeup you want. I know most of you are wondering where to get makeup, and the easiest answer is to just go and “borrow” it from your owner. They won’t mind, especially when you use it all up. They love it best when you rub it all over the walls like paint.

Hurry up!

Okay, okay.




Yes. Now, time for lip gloss. It tastes delicious.


Tutu! Stop moving! Ah, there we go. Perfect!


Next is blush. Now put on this bracelet.

Do I really look beautiful?


Because if I don’t, and you make me look ridiculous on television, you will certainly regret it!

He he he. You do look beautiful!


Now, for the crown.

Tutu! You are pushing on my head! Ouch!

Sorry. It’s finished. Take a look in the mirror.



What’s wrong? Did you break the mirror?

No, I look terrible! Oh, Tutu, I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you! 


(Rubs all makeup off) I am going to get you! 

Oh no.





(Tutu was so tired from getting chased she could barely finish this post. Thanks so much for reading! – Isabelle, Tutu’s owner )

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