Meet the Dolls

My dolls are so excited that I have a blog, and so they just wanted to share a little bit about themselves.


Hi, I’m Kanani Akina and I’m 10 years old, the youngest in my family. I have lived with Mommy since December 2013 and I am loving it! This life is like paradise, compared to my old home. Except there’s no palm trees, shave ice, or beaches.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown.

Favorite food: Ice cream

Favorites colors: Blue and green.

Favorite movie: Frozen.

Favorite outfit: My tie-dye shirt and shorts, for hiking. I love to go outside!

Birthday: December 9th.

Fun fact:  This is my second home, but I have a feeling I’ll be here for good. When I lived with my old mom, my hair got messy, messy, messy! Thankfully, Mommy fixed me up and now I’m all better.  My grandma doesn’t like to be called Grandma, so I gave her a new name: Graunt= Grandma+ Aunt.


This is Jamie Grace! I’m 10 yrs. old too, because Kanani and I came into the family in the same year. Maybe you’ve heard of me, but no, I’m not a singer. I was named after Jamie Grace, a Christian singer (I love her music), because I look so much like her. I came into the family in 2013 on Mommy’s birthday, March 2nd.

Eyes:  Brown

Hair: Dark brown ringlets.

Favorite food: Pizza.

Favorite color: Pink!

Favorite movie: Aristocats.

Favorite outfit: Isabelle’s scrunch pants and any type of shirt, as long as it’s comfy.

Birthday: March 3rd (I was opened the next day).

Fun Fact: Kanani and Sarah were supposed to have curly hair too, but I’m the only one who actually still has her curls!


My name is Kaya. I think I’m 9 years old. I’m kind of shy. I like to play with my dog, Pepper.

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Black.

Favorite food: Blueberries.

Favorite color: Pink.

Favorite movie: I haven’t really watched any.

Favorite outfit: My pink pillowcase dress.

Birthday: March 9th

Fun Fact: My least favorite food is pizza.


I’m Sarah and I’m 12 years old. I have lived here the longest, since Christmas 2009. Mommy got me as a Christmas gift, and because she had always wanted an American girl doll, I was played with a LOT! My hair isn’t as shiny, or as soft as it used to be, but I am living a good life.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Dark brown.

Favorite food: Chicken drumsticks.

Favorite color: Blue, because it goes well with my eyes.

Favorite movie: Tangled.

Favorite outfit: Isabelle’s coral sweater with jeans.

Birthday: December 25th

Fun Fact: I was named after my grandma, Mommy’s mother. My name means “Princess”!


I want to say hello too! I’m mini Isabelle. I have stayed here for 1 month.

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Blonde.

Favorite food: Doughnuts, because they’re yummy, and larger than my head!

Favorite color: Coral.

Favorite movie: American girl’s Isabelle movie! Yes, I know, I haven’t watched it yet, but I know I will like it.

Favorite outfit: The only one I have!

Fun Fact: My favorite word is “Waaaaa!” You would cry too if you were stuck in a box all the time!


Okay, those are all my dolls: Kanani, Jamie, Kaya, Sarah and Isabelle.  Thank you for reading! My dolls can’t wait until my next post!



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  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you have an awesome blog. Your photos and writing are awesome, and your blog inspired me to actually write and create photo stories and fun things for my own blog. Keep up the good work.
    <3 Josie