Mini Isabelle Goes to a Wedding

Mini Isabelle wants to write on my blog. Everything I wrote is in bold. Now Mini Isabelle will take over.

Hello to all you mini dolls in the world who are reading this. Some mini dolls complain that they aren’t tall or big like the “18 dolls. Well, let me tell you, that it’s great being small. You get to go places unnoticed, that the other dolls don’t get to go. For example, yesterday I went to a wedding. I can’t tell you who was getting married, because I didn’t go to the ceremony. But at least I got to reception. They had lots of treats! Everyone in my family knows I love sweets. I was in candy heaven. I took lots of selfies (pictures of myself). Here are my pictures. Sorry for the bad lighting. There wasn’t much light in there.









Aren’t my pictures hilarious? The colors of the wedding were purple. I would prefer pink, but I guess it’s okay. It’s not my wedding  after all.

Thanks for letting me write on here!

Bye-bye! –Mini ΙŠΑβÈ⌊⌊Ë

That’s not how your name is spelled.

Sure it is. See you next time!


12 comments on “Mini Isabelle Goes to a Wedding

  1. Mini dolls are great. From the owner of Three AG dolls and Four mini dolls…Cecile, Marie Grace, Molly and Josephina.

  2. Did I hear Candy? Cecile speaking. Marie look what our friend wrote! Molly GO Get Josephina and the rest of the doll crew. Sounds like fun.