Funny Friday

Hello everyone! It’s Isabelle here. I’m writing the Funny Friday post! Awesome, right? ♥ 

Okay, here’s the photos taken by ME!









Now here are the cool pictures Mommy took!



Kaya and Mini Isabelle were playing with a paper doll and Mini Isabelle said, “Let’s put this dress on Isabelle!”

Then I walked in.



“Hey,” I said, “That looks like me!”

“It is!” said Mini Isabelle,”But it looks kinda like me too, you know.”



Okay okay, onto the next picture. Right before I went downstairs, I had made frappuccinos. Then I came back upstairs to this.



“Uh, guys?” I asked, “What are you doing?”

“Well, we were just, um, you know, going to eat these frappuccinos.” Jamie said, with a guilty look on her face. “There’s four of them. We don’t want them to go to waste!”

“Yeah, right,” I laughed. “You can eat them. Besides I made them for you anyway.”

“Didn’t you make one for Kaya?” Sarah asked.

“No, I-”

“She doesn’t like sugar, remember?” Kanani reminded her.

“I’ll ask her just in case.” Sarah said, wanting to stay on the safe side. “Kaya, do you want a frappuccino?”

“Bleah!” Kaya said, and went back to playing.

We all laughed. “Oh well.” I said, raising up my cup, “This calls for a toast. A toast for the first week of school!” Everyone else raised their cup, not because they like school (like me), but because if they got done toasting, they could drink their frappuccinos.

Meanwhile downstairs…….



Two little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and-  well, you know how the rest of the song goes.

The end.

I hope you liked my post! I hope I’ll be posting again (really) soon! 

–Isabelle <3


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