Funny Friday

“Come on, let’s go check out the American Girl sale items.” Kanani beckoned to Jamie.


“Ooo, good idea. Maybe there’s a new dress.” Jamie hurried after Kanani

“There’s a laptop up on that table!” Jamie pointed. “Help me get up there.”


“Okay, okay.” Kanani said. She helped Jamie climb onto a chair. After a few minutes (which seemed like 3 hours) they finally reached the top.

“Now what?” Jamie asked.

“Now I will put in the web address.” Kanani said. She started to type on the computer. A screen popped up, saying “New markdowns! Save up to 60% on selected items.”


“This must be it!” Jamie exclaimed.


“Ouch, my ears!” Kanani winced.

“Sorry, “Jamie said, scrolling through the list of sale items, “Wow! Look at this! This is so CUTE!”


“Tunic outfit for dolls?” Kanani asked, “I think I’ve seen it before. Oh yes, it used it used to belong to someone else, I think Saige was her name.”

“I love it!” Jamie squealed, “I’m going to ask Mom if I can get it!”


“How much money do you have?” Kanani asked.

Jamie thought for a moment, “3 dollars, I think.”

Kanani laughed, “Unless it becomes 95% off, you won’t be able to buy it.”

Jamie sighed. Then I (Mom) walked into the room.

“What are you kids doing?”

“We were just, looking at the AG sale stuff. Mommy, can I pretty please get the Tunic outfit?” Jamie pleaded.
“I don’t think so. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.” I replied, “Anyway, it’s time for lunch. Back upstairs everyone!”

“But we worked so hard to climb all the way downstairs!” Kanani whined.

The End.

Mom, I still haven’t been able to write on here! — Isabelle :P



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