Funny Friday


Jessica and Bethany were waiting for their friends to come over.

“I’m so excited for our sleepover. Living only a few feet away really has its advantages.” Bethany said, “Sarah even let me borrow her hair highlight! And it only took her like 30 seconds to walk over here!”

Jessica nodded, “And when Mom builds us a mall, it’s like I’m living at it. I’m in paradise right at home!”

Bethany laughed. All Jessica seemed to talk about was clothes. “Anyway,” she said, trying to change the subject, “When are Kanani and Sarah supposed to be coming over?”

“They should be here any minute now.” Jessica replied.

The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” Bethany hollered, jumping up.


“Hi guys!” said Bethany, greeting the guests. “Come on in!”

“Whew!” Sarah sighed, “I’d never thought I would say this, but carrying a 5 pound sleeping bag is really hard work.”

“You can put your bags by the bed.” Bethany said. Then the other dolls came over for a round of hugging.


“I’ve missed you!” said Spring to Sarah. Kanani gave Josefina a big hug.

“Uh, guys?” Sarah said, “Do you realize we just saw each other yesterday?”

Everyone laughed. “Of course we do.” Bethany said, “But we haven’t seen you for 24 hours!”

A loud rumble filled the room. “What in the world was that?” Spring asked.

Bethany sighed, “It was probably another cat fight in the other room.”

“Actually,” Kanani said, “It was my stomach. Is there going to be any snacks at this sleepover? I haven’t eaten dinner.”

“You haven’t?” Everyone cried in unison. Kanani shook her head. “I wanted to have room for all the snacks.”

“Which reminds me,” Sarah said, “What movie are we watching?”

“Jessica picked it out.” Bethany replied, “I think it’s called ‘Fed Up’, but I have no idea what it’s about.”

Sarah shrugged. Jessica got out the DVD and turned on the TV. The dolls sat down to watch the movie.


“Look!” Josefina said, “It has 3 movies in one. There’s ‘Play Movie’, ‘Chapters’ and ‘Setup’ ”

“I think those are the menu choices,” Kanani whispered as the others tried to swallow their giggles. Josefina still got a little confused sometimes.


Kanani’s stomach rumbled again. “So, what about the snacks?”

“Just help yourself to anything in the fridge,” Josefina said and then turned back to the movie.

Kanani got up and walked over to the refrigerator. “Hm… Ooooo! A donut! I love donuts! And cotton candy too! Wow!”


Kanani was in a daze as she plopped back down on the couch next to Josefina holding her treats.


The movie was about kids eating too much sugar and fattening food. They got so unhealthy and started having diabetes and other diseases. Kanani decided she wasn’t so hungry for snacks after all. In fact, she had started to feel a little sick. She quietly set the snacks aside.

Josefina looked over at her. “What ever happened to your treats?”

Kanani leaned over and whispered, “I’m not hungry anymore.”

Josefina nodded, not surprised. The movie ended and everyone got up and stretched. Jessica stood up in front on the crowd. DSCN2591

“This movie was made possible by the fashionable women of our humble planet. Now, a word from our sponser. The world depends on fashion for support. Where would the British redcoats gotten their name without the stylish redcoats they wore? See? Fashion is a key part of our world. It could change history! Or lives! Think of the possibilities!” Jessica looked around the room.


Everyone had dozed off. Jessica smiled weakly. “Uh, thanks for listening.” Jessica went around the room, waking everyone up.

“I think it might be time for bed.” Sarah concluded.

“Uh… Yeah, maybe.” Spring agreed, yawning.

“What!? But at a sleepover, we’re supposed to stay up all night!” Jessica pleaded.

“Too late. G-night!” Josefina said, heading toward the bed.

“But, but!!” Jessica said, then she yawned. “You know, I guess it is bedtime.”

The dolls arranged themselves on the bed, couch and floor comfortably. Everyone was tired after the long movie and they all were warm and cozy and soon, they fell asleep.


Good-night dollies!

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-AmericanGirlDollArtist and Catlover02


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